Top Ten Gang Sets In Grand Theft Auto V

The Top Ten

1 Chamberlain Hills Gangster Families ''26 Set''

Back in Groove Street 1985 oh, memories! - pLix33

They're crips, end of the story!

And who damn cares if they are based on Crips or not? we just have to enjoy to pass time with all they!

And where the hell is Trevor Phillips Industries?

2 Marabunta Grande

I can't stop to laugh! Chamberlain Hills over Marabunta? Really?

I actually kill my time in Grand Theft Auto V doing so stupid things how:
Shoot to this gang,Talk with their members, and between other stupid things!

I go with this gang

I never saw this gang driving around almost all the map from the game, but they look like the MS-13 gangsters

3 Aztecas

Best Mexican homie gang in the whole series!

Mexican Aztecas Neighborhood Gang; Should be Bronce, or even Silver Medal, I don't understand so clearly, why this powerful and controversial gang, it isn't much higher on the top list.

They danger too

I never found that gang, in nowhere!

4 Original Covenant Ballas

Good list, this gang should be number 1 - RW700

The best dangerous gang in the whole Grand Theft Auto series

This is the most dangerous Ballast gang, in the whole areas of Los Santos and Davis, don't ask me why! just go on their Streets and Neighbors.

They would be based on Grape St. Cripz, they look it very similar to them. Just realize a short travel to Groove St.

5 East Side Vagos

Vagos for Life is good!

Best gang ever

I go with the Vagos

All vagos nayborhoods, gets it terrible dangerous!

6 South Rancho Ballas

They are a great gang too.
Why isn't nobody voting and comment for South Side Ballas?

7 Forum Drive Families ''88 Set''

This is the original Franklin's gangster neighborhood.

8 Davis Neighborhood Families

I love this gang

Davis fam are the most danger gang set of fam neighbors in the game.

They're on the east side L.S? well, who cares!...Great gang too.

I saw this gang driving around in chamberlain hills streets, and that supposed to be danger for them, because they are in a gang war with hamberlain hills mobsters!

9 East Side Ballas

BALLAS For Ever 3

East Side Ballas it's based on Rollin 20's Pirus & Grape Street Crip Gang

Forum Drive gang are not so ''Dangerous'' as East Side Ballas are. - BloDayBey

East Side Balla Gang (E.S.B.) Should be based on 2pac and Death Row pirus, they look very similar...

10 Carson Avenue Families

But Carson Families clothes, supposed to be better than Chamberlains Families

They are enemies of Chamberlain Hills Families, when all they live so close to each other, lol

¬°Best gangsters in the game!

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