Best Gangs in the Saints Row Video Game Series

The Top Ten

3rd Street Saints

They took over Stillwater, and their leader became the president. Enough said.

Los Carnales

Backed by the biggest cartel in the world, and were the ones who owned Stillwater. Right until the Vice Kings showed up, alongside the Westside Rollerz.

Has cool bosses and leaders, fun missions, cool regular gangsters, good guns, good territory, and awesome cars!

Greatest enemies of Saints Row - CedreticFomento

Took a plane explosion to kill that whiny columbian - bobbythebrony

Sons of Samedi

Mr. Sunshine survived so many bullets, it took a machete to finish him off - bobbythebrony

The Luchadores

Their leader was pretty much an annoying badass - bobbythebrony

The Brotherhood

Maero was stabbed in the neck and was able to fight another day - bobbythebrony

Vice Kings

Based on: Almighty Vice Lord Nation & Chicago Latin Kings

Taken out by their own leader oh brother - bobbythebrony

The Morningstar

Actually able to restrain a hulk sized guy and clone him - bobbythebrony

The Ronin

Had a punk leader but able to kill Johnny Gat's girlfriend and get away... for a while - bobbythebrony

Westside Rollerz

They look like a caucasian Crip version

Not very good at gangbanging - bobbythebrony

The Deckers

Their leader actually cried for God's sake! - bobbythebrony

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