Best Gangs in the Saints Row Video Game Series

The Top Ten Best Gangs in the Saints Row Video Game Series

1 3rd Street Saints
2 Los Carnales

Greatest enemies of Saints Row - CedreticFomento

Has cool bosses and leaders, fun missions, cool regular gangsters, good guns, good territory, and awesome cars! - EliHbk

Took a plane explosion to kill that whiny columbian - bobbythebrony

3 Sons of Samedi

Mr. Sunshine survived so many bullets, it took a machete to finish him off - bobbythebrony

4 The Brotherhood

Maero was stabbed in the neck and was able to fight another day - bobbythebrony

5 The Luchadores

Their leader was pretty much an annoying badass - bobbythebrony

6 Vice Kings

Based on: Almighty Vice Lord Nation & Chicago Latin Kings

Taken out by their own leader oh brother - bobbythebrony

7 The Morningstar

Actually able to restrain a hulk sized guy and clone him - bobbythebrony

8 The Ronin

Had a punk leader but able to kill Johnny Gat's girlfriend and get away... for a while - bobbythebrony

9 Westside Rollerz

They look like a caucasian Crip version

Not very good at gangbanging - bobbythebrony

10 The Deckers

Their leader actually cried for God's sake! - bobbythebrony

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