Top 10 Gangs in the Warriors

The Top Ten

1 The Warriors

A badass group of 9 badasses who you really don't want to mess with. The warriors have been always out numbered, from sexy ladies packing guns to crazy baseball wimps, the warriors have out played and out brawled and that's why there numer one.

2 The Rouges

Warriors come out to play-ay! A group of gangsters that wear cop like clothes and there hippie crazy leader luther.

3 The Punks

Much creepier and much tougher then the furies. The punks are a silent group who wears overralls and hangs around the subway station. There leader vance uses skates to get around. The punks are a gang you do not want to go in a bathroom with, unless you know you're the warriors!

4 The Jones Street Boys

Your not even worth to sucker punch! A group of preppies who found there spot in a state full of thugs. They share there turf with the saracens who became there rival.

5 The Destroyers

A gang that created the warriors. A mean gang that settled down in coney. They use to be huge rivals with the warrior,s untill the destroyers leader virgill killed ash, but then cleon and vermin got there renvenge by killing virgill with a molotov.

6 Baseball Furies

A group of athletes, who are much tougher than the punks

7 The Lizzies

A very hot and sexy ass group of very talented and smart ladies. Don't let them seduce you!

8 The Moonrunners

Talented spray painters. Don't let them catch you in there trainyard!

9 The Saracens

A smart and heavy gang who rival the jones street boys. Also heled the warriors go to the big meeting.

10 The Riffs

Can you dig it? The biggest gang in the state.

The Contenders

11 Hi Hats

A group of creepy mimes. A gang who doesn't take any .

12 The Turnbull AC's

"The Bald with jeans and old school bus"

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