Best Garden Warfare 2 Variants

Only the new characters. Also its not the first garden warfare TheTopTens dont merge my list.

The Top Ten Best Garden Warfare 2 Variants

1 Zen Cactus

Looks extremely pink and deals increased damage each shot but having a very low magazine capacity of 5 rounds. Best of the best!

2 Frozen Citron
3 Computer Scientist
4 Pylon Imp

Everything is good about this one

5 BBQ Corn
6 Lil' Drake
7 Electro Brainz

Can attack up to 3 plants at a time by attacking 1!

Should be number 4 but I forgot - GuyInANateGrinder

8 Z7 Imp
9 Mechanic
10 Roadie Z

The Contenders

11 Rock Pea
12 Jade Cactus
13 Old Rose

I put the old rose instead because I think the new rose isn't very good - GuyInANateGrinder

14 Toxic Citron
15 S.H.R.imp
16 Captain Sharkbite
17 Captain Flame
18 Vampire Flower
19 Petrified Cactus
20 General Supremo
21 Frost Rose
22 Chomp Thing
23 Mystic Sunflower
24 Physicist
25 Captain Cannon
26 Hockey Star
27 Infinity Mode Cat
28 Paleontologist
29 Chemist

Disgusting up close

30 Breakfast Brainz

€ I shood bee numbur won.”
-Breakfast Brainz

31 Crazy Dave
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