Top Ten Gears of War Moments

This is my Top 10 list of moments in Gears (sorry if no moments here are from judgement)
It may be epic it may be boring (Spoilers Look Out! )

The Top Ten

1 Dom's Death

Not that I liked him getting killed but he sacrificed himself because there were too many
Joint lambent and locust forces, RIP Dom. If you skipped that scene your a mean annoying gamer
That doesn't have feelings and emotions. If you watched it your probably scarred for life. - World10s


R.I.P. Dominic Santiago

Only time a video game ever made me cry. :[ Great moment RIP Dom... "Brothers Til the End"

2 Cole's Past

He was remembering his past being a player. He was living his dream but everything was taken away from him.
The lambent killed all his fans - World10s

3 Prescott's Speech

This was an awesome scene in Gears where Prescott (Who was clearly hated in Gears 3) gave an epic speech
If you are good at listening I suggest you don't skip it - World10s

4 Inside the Riftworm

Okay this maybe gross but seriously. Chopping up the Worms inside? Now what kind of gamer won't like that
(unless your a girl with a high voice) - World10s

5 Marcus' Weird Dream

It was freaky for some of my friends. Especially the part where you can't kill the giant corpser. - World10s

6 Raam's Death

I personally hated him so that's why I will never buy RAAM's Shadow (Gears 3) - World10s

7 Skorge's Death

You may be confused because Skorge looks uglier it's because he fell to his death he didn't get shot
Or anything else. - World10s

8 Clayton Carmine Lives!

I was relieved that C. Carmine lives because Anthony got shot by a sniper
And Benjamin got half eaten by a locust. - World10s

9 Dom Finds His Wife

This deserves to be top 5 at least! This was shocking! SPOILER: finding his wife post-torture to the point that she was basically mentally deficient was heartbreaking, and then Dom having to put her down... Even more so...

10 Anthony Carmine's Death

The Contenders

11 In the Submarine

This was epic because you are in a Sub! Some games have Subs too but lacks effects this, this was a nice
Experience. - World10s

12 Giving the Leviathan a Headache

This was weird because Baird's idea was to drop tickers on the lambent leviathan but unfortunately
CNV Sovereign blew up along with it. - World10s

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