Top Ten Gems That Should Be In Steven Universe

There are a lot of gems out there, they worth being in SU.
The Top Ten
1 Aquamarine

I know we already have Lapis Lazuli, but maybe Aquamarine can control salt water.

I already saw what Aquamarine looks like.
Search it on YouTube, there are leaked images and leaked episodes.
(only in YouTube) - TLHFanBaseSucks

2 Emerald

We need the May birthstone.

3 Onyx

Onyx would be really cool to see.

Yes ❤ and she will be voiced by Margot Robbie.

4 Zircon

Zircon comes in many different colors.

5 Watermelon Tourmaline

Please heal her, Steven!

Ooh...never heard of that gem, but it sounds really cool. - Luxam

6 Coral

Another ocean related gem.

7 Gold Beryl

We need some Beryls.

8 Jade

I think she'll be Centipeetle.

9 Spinel

Spinel will be cool to see.

10 Topaz

Already appeared.

The Contenders
11 White Diamond

The Diamond authority symbol, we need White and Blue next.

12 Citrine
13 Hematite

Pronouns: He/him
Color Scheme: Black & gray
Personality: Brave, grounded, calm - RoseWeasley

14 Paraiba Tourmaline
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