Top Ten Gems That Should Be In Steven Universe

There are a lot of gems out there, they worth being in SU.

The Top Ten

1 Aquamarine

I know we already have Lapis Lazuli, but maybe Aquamarine can control salt water.

I already saw what Aquamarine looks like.
Search it on YouTube, there are leaked images and leaked episodes.
(only in YouTube) - TLHFanBaseSucks

2 Emerald

We need the May birthstone.

3 Onyx

Onyx would be really cool to see.

4 Zircon

Zircon comes in many different colors.

5 Watermelon Tourmaline

Please heal her, Steven!

Ooh...never heard of that gem, but it sounds really cool. - Luxam

6 Coral

Another ocean related gem.

7 Gold Beryl

We need some Beryls.

8 Spinel

Spinel will be cool to see.

9 Jade

I think she'll be Centipeetle.

Well, nephrites are technically a form of jade, so you're not wrong. - Synchronocity

10 Topaz

Already appeared.

The Contenders

11 White Diamond

The Diamond authority symbol, we need White and Blue next.

12 Citrine
13 Hematite

Pronouns: He/him
Color Scheme: Black & gray
Personality: Brave, grounded, calm - RoseWeasley

14 Paraiba Tourmaline
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