Top 10 Gemstones with the Most Incredible Colors

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1 Red Diamond


beautiful - Not_A_Weeaboo

Red is the rarest diamond color in the world and Red Diamond is the most expensive gemstone ever ($1,000,000 per carat).
The source of their red color is debated but it's commonly accepted that "during the diamond’s formation, a plastic deformation is caused in the crystal lattice structure. Some of the atoms are misplaced as the diamond moves up through its kimberlite deposit, and the intense pressure of this movement causes the varying shades of pink, or red, to appear."- wiki - Metal_Treasure

2 Paraiba Tourmaline

That neon electric blue... Paraiba is very rare. - Metal_Treasure

3 Benitoite

Benitoite is a rare blue barium titanium silicate mineral. Quality material has only been found in California and in 1985 benitoite was named as the official state gem of California. - Metal_Treasure

4 Tanzanite
5 Elbaite

A multi-color rough/uncut crystal. And the sequence of colors is very beautiful - Metal_Treasure

6 Green Garnet

Garnets are usually deep red to brownish gems but there are also green garnets. Green Garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate. - Metal_Treasure

So beautiful. - AliciaMae

7 Blue Diamond
8 Opal
9 Emerald

In the image you see the famous Rockefeller Emerald - Metal_Treasure

10 Padparadscha Sapphire

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11 Taaffeite

That's a rare and beautiful color, for which they charge $35,000 per carat.
Taaffeite is found only in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and China (in China are low quality though).
Principal constituents of taaffeite are beryllium, magnesium and aluminium, making it the first mineral to contain both beryllium and magnesium as essential components. - Metal_Treasure

12 Red Beryl

Ha, Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon - TwilightKitsune

Red Beryl is an extremely rare variety of beryl that receives its red color from trace amounts of manganese.
Crystals suitable for cutting gems have been found in only one location - Utah, USA (the Ruby-Violet claims in the Wah Wah Mountains of Beaver County) - Metal_Treasure

13 Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is considered to be the most common tourmaline gemstone. - Metal_Treasure

14 Purple Diamond
15 Star Ruby

In the image you see one of the most famous star rubies of all time - The DeLong Star Ruby. Awesome intense color and well-defined perfect star. - Metal_Treasure

Looks like a UFO from the bottom - TwilightKitsune

16 Rubellite

Rubellite is actually Red Tourmaline also known as Rubellite Tourmaline
The classic tourmaline color is green so this red tourmaline specimen is rare and truly amazing. - Metal_Treasure

17 Blue Star Sapphire
18 Pink Diamond
19 White Star Sapphire

Sapphire is usually blue but this one is white AND it's with the signature 6-ray star of the star sapphires. Stars are desired light effects created by the gemstones and star sapphires are known for that. - Metal_Treasure

That looks like it would be overpriced.

20 Trapiche Emerald

The green sections are emerald crystals, the black sections are dark carbon impurities that entered the gemstone mix during its formation. They formed a six-point radial pattern because emerald has a hexagonal crystal structure (6-sided crystals) and the dark impurities filled in at the crystal junctions. - Metal_Treasure

21 Black Opal

It looks like the northern lights😍

22 Imperial Topaz
23 Green Diamond

The most famous green diamond is the Dresden Green diamond - 41 carats, the largest and perhaps the finest green diamond known to have a color of natural origin. - Metal_Treasure

This has astonished me by sight since that green is my favorite color it is very gleeful and just jubilant by my own orb(eye) of vision- Kevinsidis

24 Ruby
25 Alexandrite

Alexandrite is known for the ability to change its colors dependent upon the nature of ambient lighting (alexandrite effect) - most often from greenish to reddish - Metal_Treasure

26 Red Spinel

Pure Spinel is colorless and Red Spinel is the most prized form of Spinel - Metal_Treasure

27 Watermelon Tourmaline
28 Aquamarine

Aquamarine is actually a blue or cyan variety of beryl. All beryls are awesome. - Metal_Treasure

29 Diamond
30 Black Pearl
31 Amber

Amber is one of a few organic gemstones that is made of fossilized tree resin and may have beautiful inclusions, such as plants or insects, or parts of them.
Amber is usually yellow to brown-ish yellow. It has the colors of honey. - Metal_Treasure

32 Amethyst

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. Very interesting color. - Metal_Treasure

No, not the Steven Universe Crystal Gem.

I really love this gemstone.

33 Black Onyx
34 Morganite
35 Grandidierite

It's a very very rare gem. - Metal_Treasure

36 Painite

The rarest gem in the world - Metal_Treasure

37 Blue Topaz
38 Iolite (Cordierite)
39 Black Sapphire

Black sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum. Most black sapphires come from Australia. - Metal_Treasure

40 Andesine
41 Sapphire

Once I got a purple sapphire! Too bad it was too small to be cut.

Sapphire is typically blue but it can occur in all main colors except red. - Metal_Treasure

42 Garnet
43 Pezzottaite
44 Blue Sapphire
45 Green Beryl
46 Green Sphene
47 Black Diamond
48 Cassiterite
49 Moss Opal
50 Musgravite
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