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1 AnimeDrawer

I responded to one of her lists and she was very mature about it. Her lists and personality are both great. We've been chatting for a long time now. She definitely gets my vote. (Sorry ChatNoirFan18 I'd comment for you as well but the list probably won't let me.)

Thanks for putting me on this list! Anyways, I am new here, and I hope to be more successful in the future.

She's good but not quite the best. Is top 10 best of this gen though

Oh, that was unexpected, I am number 1 on best gen 17 users.

2 CrimsonShark

To be honest, I'm more in lieu of being in the top two, alongside christangrant, and should I reach Number 1 again or at Number 2, I'll get christangrant back to the top two as well.

Unfortunately for AnimeDrawer, not only did she not owe up to her issues and problems, but she abruptly deleted her account, ruined her hard work and sullied her reputation. I personally find it very disappointing, considering I used to get along with her back during the Gen-17 - Gen-18 days.

First place only days before retirement? Seems rather poetic :P.

He should be Number 1 because he is the most HQ out of them all.

Gen-17's PositronWildhawk

3 christangrant

I will say christan has grown as a user over the Gen. He's a good friend and a good user. I think him being one of the best of Gen 17 is no question.

Hmm very interesting seeing me at number 10 thanks to whoever voted for me I appreciate it

Nice to see me this high thanks to who ever votes for me

easily the best, have you seen his member score?

4 Neonco31

My first follower on the top tens and easily deserves to be in the top 2.

Awesome user that is very fun to hang out with, this guy is my buddy.

We are really great friends on here.

He was my first follower

5 M4j0r45

While I'm technically Gen 16, I didn't do anything until August, so basically Gen 17.

Get moi to third place, contribution wise that's where I go.

Should be higher.

6 MiketheHuman

He was awesome, now he is GamerMike.

Miss him but he's now GamerMike35

7 SplashMoun10
8 Element119
9 LarrytheFairy
10 SteelCity99

I heard he was one of the best and most underrated of that Gen one of the early sports users. I remember actually seeing him online during my early days on the site I never interacted with him which I regret not doing in hindsight but back then I was trying to figure my identity. I don’t know what happened to him when he decided to leave the site but I’m glad I’ve built a connection with him now

The Contenders
11 HollowArrow

Thanks Kitsune for adding me

12 VideoGamefan5
13 PhantomMilitia
14 XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX
15 DCfnaf

DCfnaf is an awesome user, he needs to be higher!

He's one of this site's best.

Number 1 needed. Now.

Apparently I'm considered Gen 17.

I'm devastated. But it's better than Gen 18.

16 ArigatoKawaii

Infinite comes from love, butterfloes flying into a womb, infinity came on a herd of hearts running by, then there was I born, covered in majestic shiny blood but in a single sigh, I grew the tail of a mermaid but with a conch shell near by me, I can disguise as a human but with feets only. There I was raised in the Ocean of Generata 17 in a great mighty heart, As the sun came upon me, I have turned into a empowering princess of the Ocean. But now I turned into great love and I am now stepping in th pavements of the Generation.

17 jack2244
18 ChatNoirFan18

Okay NOW I can comment on her. She is a pretty good user. She may hate on Danny Phantom too much but that's her occupation after all.

19 TheYoshiPyro64

He's really underrated and deserves more attention.

20 cartoonfan101
21 MegaSoulhero

I think he got more popular during the Gen-17 days.

22 naFrovivuS
23 ClassicGaminer

Thank you, Kitsune for adding me in this list. To be honest, I really never would've joined here if it weren't for the Anti-Amour community (That would include Eventer51314, Ruee/Marshadow/Rue, ModernSpongeBobSucks, etc., including you! ). Thank you and the others I have known, met and loved for the past 5 months!

How could anyone forget this guy? C'MERE GIMME A HUG CLASSICGAMINER!

24 Chromium
25 Frodomar49

I added this because I want to see how far ill go on here

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