The Problem with Gen-17

Disclaimer: This post was created by the personal opinions and views of one user and may result in arguments with other users. This post was not intended to inhibit users from enjoying the site or personally attacking users, although mentions of them would occur. Anything negative about users will result in criticizing the users based on their pros and cons and what they can improve on rather than hating on the users and telling them to commit suicide. This is not a troll post, and was not meant to piss off any users, or the troll admin himself.

To be honest, this new generation of users has been arguably the worst generation of users I have ever seen. TheTopTens has slowly gone from a site where users would contribute to the site a lot and the admin would be very helpful, to a site where there contributions have became insignificant and hypersensitive users would flood the site causing the community to become gradually more immature every day. Today, I'm here to state the problems with this new generation, and explain how the community itself can improve.

An Overview on this New Generation

There aren't a lot of good users anymore, and many great ones have retired. These great users include Velitelcabal, Castlevaniafanboy128, Turkeyasylum, and MontyPython. The four users I mentioned are only some of the users that have greatly influenced the site with their contributions, and will hopefully be remembered for their hard work for a very long time.

As many good users retire, newer ones are joining. These new users aren't nearly as good, and I know they're still new, but they seem to be more immature than other users and a lot of them don't even care to add more high quality content to the site. I'm not saying all new users are bad because some of them are pretty good. I would like to mention two great users of the new generation that have worked hard on the site during the short time they were on here, or made high quality content that I felt deserved more attention. The first user I'd like to mention is LightningBlade, who built up a good 529 member score in a short amount of time, but sadly deleted that account. At the rate he was going, he could've easily surpassed Alexandr, who has nearly 1,200 member score. The other user I'd like to mention is the underrated CrimsonShark who may not have a lot of content, but the content he makes is high quality, and even though he only has 2 blog posts, they're good enough to prove that he is the best blogger of this new generation, almost as good as WonkeyDude98 and Velitelcabal.

The new users today like to abuse hashtags on their profile, and will hate on many users, if you've seen their least-favorite users lists. If you take a look at my profile page, I don't like to offend the users because I may not be that friendly of a user, but I'm nice enough to not bash my least favorite users on the site.

My Views on Popularity

Some users which people like have never made a single list on the site yet they're still very popular because they were just being nice to other users. That is not how a user should become well-known on the site. PositronWildhawk worked for his popularity, and even though he's still no. 1 on the best users list, he is sometimes overshadowed by other users who didn't do anything important to the site.

It isn't really fair to see that now users are praising random users who did nothing important, but were just nice to one person and magically from the words of their mouth did they get hundreds of followers. Users should gain popularity due to their hard work, high-quality content, and influence among newer users. This is why users like Htoutlaws2012, Metal_Treasure, Bobbythebrony, zxm, Britgirl, and Wonkeydude98 deserve the most praise on the site, and why CrimsonShark deserves to be considered one of the best gen-17 users on the site.

How the New Generation can Improve

If you're a new user who is currently reading this, I suggest you take your time and go through the advice I'm about to give. Like I said, I'm not trying to inhibit you from enjoying the site, but this new generation is greatly flawed and could use a lot of improvement.

1. Contribute more, and make it High Quality - One of the main problems about this generation is the lack of new content on the site. Many users are more interested in messaging other users and talking about stuff in blog posts. Try to be more original when contributing, and when making a list, don't just randomly think of ten items and then expect to have a great list. A good way to make quality lists is by brainstorming list ideas, researching the list topic, and adding items based on your opinion and others as well. When you make lists, try to be descriptive if you want a better list, and use good reasoning and grammar, so you may need to draft the list a couple times before submitting. I know it will take longer, but it will be much better. The same may apply for blog posts as well.

2. Don't let personal attacks harm you - Every site has their share of bad users, and TheTopTens is nothing compared to other sites like Youtube and Goanimate. If you've seen the "good" and "bad" users on those sites, their fights make the Great War of Hypocrisy look like two little children who fought over the last action figure at a toy store. However, users can be hypersensitive on this site. If someone tries to offend you or attack them, just ignore it and brush them off like you threw away a piece of paper that said offensive stuff on it. Try to act more mature, act your age, and if you see some troll that says things like "Metallica sucks, Justin Bieber is better.", then it would be better to formally criticize their behavior then screaming at him and telling him to hang himself.

3. Don't Beg for Followers, but earn them - Like I said, begging for followers isn't going to get you far. I was like this in 2015, when I was an attention seeker trying to get popular, but failed. I didn't earn my popularity by making lots of content, but instead decided to troll the site for attention. The trolling didn't get me far at first, but it led me into a terrible path with has no benefits, but just scars in my soul that will never heal unless if I rebuild and forget the tragic past. Users should earn their followers by working hard, making high quality content, and greatly influencing new users on the site.

4. Don't be as harsh to users you dislike - Although some users have done terrible things on the site, they don't deserve to burn in hell forever or die in a car accident. Instead, you should probably try to help the users and convince them to stop trolling. Like I said, it would be better to formally criticize their behavior and acting more mature than screaming and telling them to commit suicide.

5. Make more unique and original blog posts - Don't make a blog post series called "Username" rants, or another elimination or rate this post. It isn't gonna get you that far because once another users make a post like that, it will get attention instead of yours for a short time. However, if you think of more unique ideas for blog posts, then those blog posts will be much better than the same old blog post that was taken at least a hundred times. Some examples of the most unique blog post series include the Sarcasm series by PositronWildhawk, and Fictional Friends by Bobbythebrony.

I hope this blog post has helped you become a better toptenner and that this new generation, and the community as a whole would improve. If users follow the advice given from this post, as well as any other advice from other users, and admin stops trolling us by suspending users for no reason and taking away all our priviliges on the site (replying to certain lists, allowing visitors to make lists, making the stats page link harder to get to), then maybe 2017 will be a much better year for TheTopTens.


Good post (I've read only the points though), and I'd like to advise new gen users that, don't hate users for their taste. Even if you hate them then don't express it. Like, he/she loves/hates metal/pop. That's why I don't like him/her. - zxm

I really love this post. Luckily I'm a Gen-16 user so I get a pass, but there are so many users who can't take criticism and they mope around and complain about people simply not liking their content. I didn't beg for followers. I didn't beg to be put on the "Best Users" List. I earned those things.

Also, my motto is "quality not quantity". - DCfnaf

This Post is True, Congrats MCS For Doing Something Good - VideoGamefan5

Lol, a little harsh bro. - DCfnaf

For once. - visitor

I agree with you on Crimson Shark, he has made some very High Quality Posts and Lists. He most certainly stand out from the new pack so far along with some others.

I. More content, and really achieve in what you love to do as you please

II. Right, like the war of the music elitists (if you will)

III. Yes, if you can be an inspiration to others, and care to the work you put in, then you have earned your popularity. You Just do not by being a complete flat out troll out of nowhere.

IV. I try to make them all equal (even if at times I have to force my hand into a dilemma)

V. I hope some new users can have a creative name that grabs you honestly into there post that is intriguing - htoutlaws2012

We have some awesome users like Mike, Lightning, Neon and Crimson Shark - TwilightKitsune

They apply to me? - visitor

I guess I was awful - LightningBlade

"I would like to mention two great users of the new generation that have worked hard on the site during the short time they were on here, or made high quality content that I felt deserved more attention. The first user I'd like to mention is LightningBlade, who built up a good 529 member score in a short amount of time, but sadly deleted that account. At the rate he was going, he could've easily surpassed Alexandr, who has nearly 1,200 member score."

You were not awful - visitor

He is saying you were on pace for 1,200 member score. - htoutlaws2012

I joined this site over 2 years ago so I have no idea what gen I'm in but as far as I remember I never really got popular or anything. Mainly, because I just made lists here and there and that's it. Then I recently started using this site more often back in early 2016. Made a couple posts, mostly just a bunch of bad reviews. It seems the site has been getting more popular and more and more people are flowing in. - cjWriter1997

Thanks for the shout-out :).

I will try a lot more this year to make up some contributions. In addition, I do want to improve my way of talking to people and expressing myself in this site. - CrimsonShark

This post is so right. I hate my past self. - Powerfulgirl10

Plus, about HQ posts, we uses our creativity. - visitor

Technically, I am a Gen-14 user since I joined as me in 2014 and I'm just not popular, I used to be very sensitive but that was from past incidents that made me that way that I used to be. I still am a little sensitive. People hate me all because of my opinions and my horrible lists I've made all because I was pissed off at certain users. I still don't like certain users who have been mean to me but I've forgiven a few users. I used to be very depressed and I still am now but back then, I felt like people made fun of me because I had depression and I never faked it, I was diagnosed with it at the age of 8. The hate on my negative lists spread to my positive lists, people started hating on my imaginations of my character Princess Kiana of being in a Mario game. I used to cry a lot when people insulted me and called me racist names... These users just made me feel bad about myself even worse but I AM getting better, I AM getting stronger, and I won't let stupid users like the users who applies to my comment tear me down because I'm better than them, they probably have nothing better to do than bully other users on here and living in their mother's basement. When I become famous, I'll show them wrong! I am NOT ugly, you have never saw me in public, I am NOT stupid and besides, if I was stupid, how did I make it all the way to 10th grade with all of my struggles? If I was stupid, how did I learn how to use a computer at a young age? If I was stupid, how can I use grammar and spelling very well? I am NOT mean, why did I make good user lists on 2 users that I really like a lot? How am I being mean for having an honest opinion? Some users here are just plain mean and sadistic, I once made a list when I was in my suicidal phase and people LAUGHED AT ME... LAUGHED! velitelcabel laughed and said "Haha, best list ever! " I remember that! It was deleted shortly after. I guess people here do want me to die but I'm not going anywhere and people can't determine my death, it all depends on my physical and mental health. I'm going to stop this comment here. It's getting too long... Peace. - visitor

Is this true? - TwilightKitsune

Yes - visitor

Why? - TwilightKitsune

Hai kiana haha I'm back! :D

~ velitelcabal - visitor

Am I one of tjose terribke users? - visitor

What gen would I be? I joined here on June or July of 2015 - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Same time I joined so I guess Gen 16 - visitor

I can't believe most of you hate this user. I think he's doing fine. - DCfnaf

Am I good boi? - PhenomentalOne

Look kid, I haven't been on this site in months, so If your new, then I've never heard of you. - visitor

Blaze tryna sound edgy callin people kid - TwilightKitsune

I agree with a lot of those things. I disagree the part about contributing more and mixing that in with High Quality. I do agree we can all contribute more, but High Quality anything takes time. I try to make a High Quality list or post a week. Otherwise I agree with everything else. - 2storm

This was the most hypocritical blog post I have ever made - visitor