Best Genesis Songs from the Phil Collins Era

The Top Ten

1 Land of Confusion
2 Mama
3 Home by the Sea

Epic. - ICader

Just epic. - ICader

4 Invisible Touch
5 Turn It On Again
6 Ripples

One of the best songs ever in my opinion - MaxPap

Ok Ripples is such an amazing and powerful song. I prefer genesis during their time with Peter Gabriel, but this album shares a lot of the same elements as that. - Beatlesboy9

7 That's All

A very catchy song, with a very catchy riff! - Oneside

8 In Too Deep
9 Follow You, Follow Me
10 Afterglow

The Contenders

11 Entangled
12 No Son of Mine
13 Second Home by the Sea
14 No Reply at All
15 Duchess
16 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
17 Please Don't Ask
18 Undertow
19 Throwing It All Away
20 Mad Man Moon

The whole Trick of the Tail album is amazing but this is their best in my opinion. Tony Banks is a genius. - MaxPap

21 Alone Tonight
22 Domino
23 Dance on a Volcano
24 One for the Vine
25 Many Too Many
26 Dreaming While You Sleep
27 Tell Me Why
28 Inside and Out
29 Jesus He Knows Me
30 Squonk
31 Robbery, Assault and Battery
32 A Trick of the Tail
33 Los Endos
34 I Can't Dance
35 Eleventh Earl of Mar
36 Your Own Special Way
37 Down and Out
38 Misunderstanding
39 Blood on the Rooftops
40 Snowbound
41 It's Gonna Get Better
42 Me and Sarah Jane
43 Guide Vocal
44 In that Quiet Earth
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