Top Ten Genres that Certain Music Artists Should Never Try to Do


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21 Blues - Blind Guardian Blues - Blind Guardian

Can a power metal band switch to blues? This would be the most interesting blues ever... - Lucretia

22 Pop - Cannibal Corpse

This wouldn't work but it would be hilarious to see this - christangrant

After all his death growling, Corpsegrinders voice must have lost its softness - Lucretia


23 Gospel - Mayhem

That's ironic.

Mayhem is anti christ they would never

Well, the first members would have never agreed to this. Euronymous wanted the band to be evil and not something everyones mother listens too. Dead was very depressed and suicidal and was being emotionally abused by Euronymous. And the other members... - Lucretia

24 Gospel - Eminem

Can I get a no? - Sop

25 Nu Metal - Slayer

Slayer tried to infuse some Nu Metal influences in Diabolus in Musica. Yep, Slayer did make a few songs that are debatably Nu Metal in that album. No wonder why that album is considered mediocre. At least they went back to their roots in God Hates Us All... - CrimsonShark

26 Pop - Slipknot

Corey Taylor could easily make a ballad or a soft song. If he wanted to, he would probably make a great Pop song. Just not with Slipknot though. - CrimsonShark

I actually want this to happen for some reason - wrests

With Stone Sour he might be able to, it might be a little strange though. - EliHbk

27 Children's Music - Rings Of Saturn
28 Bubblegum Pop - Behemoth

YES! I want to see Nergal trying to wow kids, metalheads and tweens with Bubblegum Pop. - CrimsonShark

29 Grindcore - Bhad Bhabie

Shes bad enough anyways, if she tried to cover a Alice In Chains song it would sound like your ears are being drilled into... don't want to imagine this - Lucretia

30 Teen Pop - Judas Priest

Rob Halford has one of the best heavy metal voices ever, so I won't be happy if this happens, because one major characteristic of Teen Pop is auto-tuned vocal, and Auto-Tune ruins your voice. - Kiyomi

Teens will mock him for being gay... - Lucretia

31 Nu Metal - Iron Maiden

I don't dislike Nu Metal, but I'm sure this isn't going to work out.
I love Iron Maidens guitar solo's and I don't want to have them removed. - Kiyomi

32 Pop Rap - Metallica

Imagine James Hetfield rapping poppy lyrics on a poppy beat - Kiyomi

33 Nu Metal - Metallica

Them trying this wouldn't be that bad - Lucretia

34 Power Metal - Jake Paul

His voice is NOT suitable for singing.
And Power Metal is difficult to sing. - Kiyomi

35 Teen Pop - Mayhem

Euronymous would roll over in his grave if he saw this submission... he was a pagan satanist who wanted his band to be evil and used the death of someone he convinced to commit suicide and said it was because death metal was becoming mainstream. - Lucretia

36 Trance - Taylor Swift

To be honest I think this could actually somewhat work - wrests

37 Dubstep - Beyoncé
38 Electronic Dance Music - Dying Fetus

Their name will scare the fans - Lucretia

No explanation.

39 Teen Pop - Joanne Shaw Taylor
40 Teen Pop - Megadeth

Dave Mustaine trying to score the "tween" demographic would be a fixture for an upcoming meme :p. Then again, his voice isn't going to impress any :/. - CrimsonShark

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