Top 10 Genuine Metal Band Names Created with a Sense of Humor

The Top Ten

1 The Metal Shakespeare Company
2 Scrap Metal Casket

"Scrap" metal. Now THERE'S an idea whose time has long since come.

3 Death Metal Dance Company
4 Heavy Metal Kneesocks
5 Metal Virgins
6 Vegan Black Metal Chef
7 Metal's Herd
8 Recently Vacated Graves: True Zombie Metal
9 South East Desert Metal
10 The Midnight Metal Symphony

The Contenders

11 Pig Destroyer Pig Destroyer is an American grindcore band formed in 1997 in Alexandria, Virginia. The band was formed by vocalist J. R. Hayes, guitarist Scott Hull, and drummer John Evans, later replaced by Brian Harvey.
12 True Metal Conspiracy
13 Black Metal Box
14 Cursed Metal
15 Metal Hamsters
16 Metal Worker
17 Death Metal Pope
18 Detroit Metal City

Reference to the KISS song - Detroit Rock City. But the band is from Japan. - Metal_Treasure

19 The Metal Truck
20 God's Eye Cataract
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