Best Genuine Metal Band Names with the Word "Dragon" in the Name

This list isn't about the best metal bands with the word 'dragon' in the names because the only known band is Dragonforce.
It's rather about the band names you like the most.

The Top Ten

1 Dragonforce DragonForce are a British power metal band based in London, England. Formed in 1999, the group are known for their long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound.

Frank is a hoe. Dragonforce is amazing

2 Phoenix & Dragon

(a.k.a. Phoenix and Dragon)
Symphonic/Progressive Power Metal from the United States - Metal_Treasure

3 Double Dragon

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore from Australia - Metal_Treasure

4 Dragon Nation

Power Metal from Canada - Metal_Treasure

5 Awake the Mighty Dragon

Black Metal from Brazil - Metal_Treasure

6 Sanctuary of the Dark Dragon

Gothic/Doom Metal from Italy - Metal_Treasure

7 DragonHeart

Power Metal from the United Kingdom - Metal_Treasure

8 Dragon Guardian

Symphonic Power Metal from Japan - Metal_Treasure

9 Black Magick Dragon

(a.k.a. Black Magic Dragon)
Death Metal from the United States - Metal_Treasure

10 Dragon Tears

Symphonic Heavy Metal from Japan - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Dragonslayer

( a.k.a. Dragon Slayer) - NWOBHM from the United Kingdom - Metal_Treasure

12 Black Dragon

Heavy Metal from Germany - Metal_Treasure

13 Dragon Warrior

Heavy Metal from Canada - Metal_Treasure

14 Dragonland

( a.k.a. Dragon) - Symphonic Power Metal from Sweden - Metal_Treasure

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