Top Ten Best Geometry Dash Custom Songs

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1 Cosmic Dreamer

This is one of my favorites

Best geometry dash song in history

Cosmic dreamer is awesome! - Nateawesomeness

How is this not #1? Come on people, this is like 100x better than windfall

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2 Windfall

I really really like this song but I agree that Cosmic Dreamer is 20x better than this

This is not a cool song, and cosmic dreamer is 20 times better than this

Great song...listen to it all the time just for fun

Amazing song, and windy landscpapes is amazing as well

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3 At the Speed of Light

Bro I love this song.

How is this not #1?

Favorite gd song - Haqulea


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4 Sonic Blaster

WHAT? I do not think this music deserves 18th place. This deserves number 1.
I don't see any other song better this cool song. Plus, I really HATE cosmic dreamer.
Windfall is okay but not as good as this. I really would put this in number 1.
Please. This shouldn't be here. It should be on number 1! Not number

This gets me hype and that is pretty hard. Should be #1. Amazing song 10/10 listen everyday

I agree with all of you guys. This should be number 1.

Great song in my opinion - randyr

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5 Insomnia
6 Endgame

This is claimed old by lots but I would put it at Number 3

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7 Death Moon

I used this song for a smash bros vine

This Is A Super Cool Song! Thanks For Recommeding It!

This is one of my favorite gd songs!

8 Infernoplex

This song gave me a weak heart attack at the beginning.

A better impression of ultamite destruction,but still not good

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9 Supernova (Xtrullor)

Awesome sause

clearly #1

10 Ludicrous Speed

Not bad but should be a little lower.

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11 Crystallizer
12 Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple

Why is this in front of Endgame?! This is Endgame -50000

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13 Soulwind

I really like this one, it calms me down.

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14 Cry

Amazing track - randyr

15 Robotic Nightmares

I agree with where this was placed not the best, but a good song

It's a rip off of theory of skrillex!

Robotic nightmares reminds me of theory of Skrillex,but robotic nightmares isn't good - Nateawesomeness

Kool song

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16 Figures

Not a bad song to be honest - randyr

Don't u mean fracture! Who wants a piano with dubstep,

Who wants a piano on substep

Well figures is kind of good,but fracture is the best dubstep,and I think it should replace windfall on number 1

17 Fairy Dust

Awesome dubstep

18 Chaoz Fantasy
19 Adventure Fantasy

And what is good about this

This song is so annoying!

People always tell me this is a good song,but it's not! It's the worst geometry dash song ever

20 Tetris Remix (Final)
21 Freedom Dive

Probably one of the most underrated newsground song ever. I mean, come on! How is this not awesome?! - TheGoldenRifle

22 Let's Bounce


This is the worst song that I ever heard.
Repertive and annoying.

23 Five Nights at Freddy's 1
24 The Final Phase

I love this

Should be like this.
1.Sonic Blaster
2.The Final Phase
3.The Speed of Light
4.Nine Circles
5.Ludicrous Speed
This song is the catchiest song in the history of music!

25 Time Leaper
26 Beginning of Time

I'm not really a fan, my brother made it old

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27 Xenogenesis (Thefatrat)
28 Colors by Tobu

I really enjoy this song. It's catchy, and it's catchiness literally tries to kill me when you
hear it with earphones.

29 Infinite Power
30 Dance of the Violins
31 Firepower
32 Fracture

Best NK song

33 Sonic Wave

#1 hit

34 Be Gone Mr. Gawne
35 Monody - Thefatrat

Absolutely beautiful

36 Time Lapse
37 Sky Fortress
38 Nine Circles

I'm surprised this song is not on top 5. This is the song whe I listen to every time
I turn on YouTube.

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39 Problematic

For some reason,once it get's past that really boring piano bit, the music is really good!

40 Jawbreaker
41 Final Battle
42 Genesis
43 Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix)

Overrated in my opinion

44 Circus
45 The Calling
46 Reanimate

I don't understand why this is not automatically number one with 100% of the votes. I'm not even kidding. Reanimate is SO f- ing badass it really goes over nine thousand. You guys who voted for something else(for a reason that's unknown to me) should listen to this, you'll definitely be like:
"LOL and I thought that stupid Cosmic dreamer was good" Reanimate noScopes all other songs. Next would come Death Moon, then At the speed of light or Sonic Blaster, then, well, another one of them. But hey, listen to this and share your opinion!

47 Warak (Reanimate)

Es Bueno!

48 Foxtrot Fletcher
49 Unity
50 Betrayal of Fate
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1. Insomnia
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1. At the Speed of Light
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