Top Ten Best Geometry Dash Custom Songs

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1 Windfall

I really really like this song but I agree that Cosmic Dreamer is 20x better than this

This is not a cool song, and cosmic dreamer is 20 times better than this

Windfall is actually overrated,and for all of you saying cosmic dreamer is 20 times better,I agree - Nateawesomeness

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2 Cosmic Dreamer

Best geometry dash song in history

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3 Insomnia
4 At the Speed of Light

Bro I love this song.

How is this not #1?

Favorite gd song - Haqulea


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5 Endgame

This is claimed old by lots but I would put it at Number 3

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6 Death Moon

I used this song for a smash bros vine

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7 Infernoplex

This song gave me a weak heart attack at the beginning.

A better impression of ultamite destruction,but still not good

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8 Crystallizer
9 Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple

Why is this in front of Endgame?! This is Endgame -50000

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10 Supernova (Xtrullor) V 2 Comments

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? Time Leaper

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11 Sonic Blaster

WHAT? I do not think this music deserves 18th place. This deserves number 1.
I don't see any other song better this cool song. Plus, I really HATE cosmic dreamer.
Windfall is okay but not as good as this. I really would put this in number 1.
Please. This shouldn't be here. It should be on number 1! Not number

I agree with all of you guys. This should be number 1.

This song make me really jumpy. BEST SONG EVER!

This song is not overrated. It is UNDERrated. This song is cool but people
just say this is good. But actually this is the best song ever in geometry dash.

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12 Ludicrous Speed

Not bad but should be a little lower.

13 Soulwind

I really like this one, it calms me down.

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14 Cry
15 Robotic Nightmares

I agree with where this was placed not the best, but a good song

It's a rip off of theory of skrillex!

Robotic nightmares reminds me of theory of Skrillex,but robotic nightmares isn't good - Nateawesomeness

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16 Figures

Well figures is kind of good,but fracture is the best dubstep,and I think it should replace windfall on number 1

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17 Chaoz Fantasy
18 Fairy Dust

Awesome dubstep

19 Tetris Remix (Final)
20 Adventure Fantasy

People always tell me this is a good song,but it's not! It's the worst geometry dash song ever

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1. Insomnia
2. Windfall
3. Cosmic Dreamer
1. At the Speed of Light
2. Supernova (Xtrullor)
3. Death Moon



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