Top Ten Best Geometry Dash Custom Songs

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21 Five Nights at Freddy's 1
22 Time Leaper
23 Let's Bounce


This is the worst song that I ever heard.
Repertive and annoying.

24 Beginning of Time

I'm not really a fan, my brother made it old

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25 Firepower
26 Fracture V 1 Comment
27 Be Gone Mr. Gawne
28 Xenogenesis (Thefatrat)
29 Time Lapse
30 Sky Fortress
31 Nine Circles

I'm surprised this song is not on top 5. This is the song whe I listen to every time
I turn on YouTube.

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32 Problematic

For some reason,once it get's past that really boring piano bit, the music is really good!

33 Jawbreaker
34 Final Battle
35 Genesis
36 Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix) V 1 Comment
37 Circus
38 The Calling
39 Sonic Wave
40 Reanimate

I don't understand why this is not automatically number one with 100% of the votes. I'm not even kidding. Reanimate is SO f- ing badass it really goes over nine thousand. You guys who voted for something else(for a reason that's unknown to me) should listen to this, you'll definitely be like:
"LOL and I thought that stupid Cosmic dreamer was good" Reanimate noScopes all other songs. Next would come Death Moon, then At the speed of light or Sonic Blaster, then, well, another one of them. But hey, listen to this and share your opinion!

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