Top Ten Best Geometry Dash Custom Songs

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21 Freedom Dive

Probably one of the most underrated newsground song ever. I mean, come on! How is this not awesome?! - TheGoldenRifle

22 Let's Bounce


This is the worst song that I ever heard.
Repertive and annoying.

23 Five Nights at Freddy's 1
24 Time Leaper
25 Beginning of Time

I'm not really a fan, my brother made it old

V 4 Comments
26 The Final Phase V 1 Comment
27 Xenogenesis (Thefatrat)
28 Colors by Tobu V 1 Comment
29 Infinite Power
30 Dance of the Violins
31 Firepower
32 Fracture V 1 Comment
33 Sonic Wave

#1 hit

34 Be Gone Mr. Gawne
35 Monody - Thefatrat

Absolutely beautiful

36 Time Lapse
37 Sky Fortress
38 Nine Circles

I'm surprised this song is not on top 5. This is the song whe I listen to every time
I turn on YouTube.

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39 Problematic

For some reason,once it get's past that really boring piano bit, the music is really good!

40 Jawbreaker
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3. Death Moon



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