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Does this have to be back here? If this thing is not number one in five days I am threatening to sue

I love this song so much, I can't get it out of my mind most of the time, and it is my most favorite.

Not the best, but it's on the top 2 in my favorites. I agree with the people that this should be high.

I agree with the others. Why is it placed here? It should be in top 5

Finger Dash

Fingerdash is literally INSANE. It is one of my favourite songs EVER. It is totally AWESOME and FANTASTIC. TOTALLY THE BEST MUSIC EVER!

Its way better than Jumper and is surely the best song ever. Jumper sounded more weird and boring. This is Dubstep wich makes it better.

This song is surely the best song! It is so cool and it is the newest song! It has the new parts too! %1

I like this song because it starts off weird then it gets literally AWESOME

Theory of Everything 2

This is honestly one of the best songs in the game for me. I don’t know why it’s not #1. The beats to this song are literally amazing. I really liked when they add the piano. It’s literally the best! The full version is amazing. So I honestly think this should be the best song in the game and should be put to #1

This I s better than finger dash and it the hardest than deadlocked or fingerdash

I use this song in my own levels see cobwebs

Best song I ever listened to

Electroman Adventures

I like electro an adventure because the song is like mega man

It's in my top 3 favorite, I even memorized how to play it in piano!

Pity I can't play or win this though at least I'm on 85% I'm trying

Electroman adventures is awesome

Seven Seas

This is number one by far it is absolutely amazing

Makes me want to swing an imaginary pirate sword.

I love the beat and change in the music

This one's my favorite from Meltdown

Viking Arena

This song's not bad nor good enough at the same time.

Best sound track ever! IT should be in third

Airborne Robots

This should be in #5 instead of seven seas

I like the part when you get to 24%

It's in my 4th! Amazing!

Put this on top 5

Theory of Everything

Nazaraji Overseer, born 12 December 2005, also an AI representing TOE, is cute, and the music is nice. She is the only female mad scientist I know of. She is not a crybaby, unlike Chan, or TOE2, who was born on 18 December 2005. Time Machine was born on 8 December 2005, he is also with nice music, and so is Geometrical Dominator.

This song is awesome and the level is awesome I like the part after the first ufo part also this was my second insane level I beat after xStep

Everyone loves this level, because it's awesome! Not as awesome as Deadlocked though...

I love this song and I listen to its soundtrack every day.

Geometrical Dominator

Geometrical dominator have to be at least the oath

I love the music and theme of the level!

This should be number 3 instead of toe2

It feels like I ate to many skittles

Press Start Press Start Cover Art

This would have been my second favourite if it didn't have the cringe "oh damn" sound at the middle of the level.
Still. It's very very good.

Please guys most of the songs above on the list are not even close to it...
And this is the only level I play over and over again because of it's soundtrack...

SPLENDID! This is my very favorite song. I like the part where it goes really fast, but I can't believe it's really low!

Best song ever! only Geo Dash song better is Press Start Dex Arson remix.

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Can't Let Go

This song is so good from the beginning to the end. I like how the notes are slightly flat, like a few cents below the actual notes; it gives it a bit of a classy feel

I thought this was boring until I got to the near end AMAZING

I like it! but It's kinda bad because the melody keeps going and going.

I love the end of the full version


The song sounds exciting unlike the other levels made by robtop I played

I like it , but not my favorite.

This should be top

nice music


I haven't played Geometry Dash in a long time, but I still think about this song. It's one of the best

This song should be number one! It has a lot of rock-n-roll and everyone loves that!

The second half is godly

Why is this not top five



this song is sooooo underrated

This is my favorite level because of the music you should listen to it at the end it there is a electric guitar playing in it so this is better than deadlocked

I generally don't like this but the reason this is on my vote list is the music that kicks in at 65 percent IT IS AMAZING


Absolutely amazing. Just because of this song alone, Jumper has made it to the top of my favourites list! 111

It's cute, but not exactly the best song. Deadlocked is the best.

What?! These are one my least favorite songs...

So out of 18 songs you choose the 8bit lullaby

Hexagon Force

I made a beanie boo superheroes with this song, there's six and they're called hexagon force.

Leader is Twinkle she has mind control
Members are Tracey with telekinesis Dotty with super speed, slush with ice powers, Sherbet with electricity, Dougie with hearing and Squeaker with super strength

I like everything except the part for the countdown thing.

It's so awesome and I am listening to it right now

I don't get why this isn't in the top tens

At the Speed of Light

Literally the first ever song I listened to, and still remains my favorite to this day.

Actually has effort into it. Sonic blaster should be high too

Aahhh! Make it stop!

Nock Em

Great song in general. Awesome dubstep.


This song is amazing but not as good as songs like Xtrullor and Panda Party: Sheol, screamroom, supernova, etc.

So darn catchy I can't stop listening to it!

It's custom but so darn catchy

No way you're joking right

ThisIsTheFatRat - Windfall

It seems like it is a little too loud at times,especially at the comeback from the drops, but otherwise it is AWESOME!

picture a crying Derek that loves windfall

Blast Processing

Well it's better then jumper!

I get so far here

I don’t know how to explain - this song is goalzz


Power Trip

Good song too low.

Base After Base

Perfect, absolutely perfect

The main line is very driven and sounds awseome

This should be higher

This one of the best!

Back On Track

This song is awesome! I especially love the final bit where the beat drops! This song is terrific!

I think its an amazing song, I think that its got a nice rhythm to it

This should definitely be in the top 10 list.

Best song in geometry Dash! Wake up! this should be number one!


I listen to this when I play blocking dead

Best non official song

This song is awesome

I am in love with dis

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