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1 Finger Dash

This song is surely the best song! It is so cool and it is the newest song! It has the new parts too! %1

Best music ever, now go online and listen to the full version, it a long song

So exiting! I love it!


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2 Theory of Everything 2

The best song in geo-dash

Best song no joke

So Good

Best GD song I've ever heard!

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3 Electroman Adventures

I like electro an adventure because the song is like mega man

Pity I can't play or win this though at least I'm on 85% I'm trying

It's so Catchy and Techno Beat - ChiefMudkip

Why is dis not #1 I litterally re visit this just for the music

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4 Airborne Robots

I like the part when you get to 24%


5 Can't Let Go

This song is so good from the beginning to the end. I like how the notes are slightly flat, like a few cents below the actual notes; it gives it a bit of a classy feel - Gynidz

I thought this was boring until I got to the near end AMAZING

By far the best song in the game

I really like this one - darthvadern

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6 Cycles

This should be top - darthvadern

The best one, not sure why Fingerdash is first considering how boring and weird it soudns, this song is so beautiful it makes the movie Toy Story look bad - darthvadern

nice music

7 Jumper

It's cute, but not exactly the best song. Deadlocked is the best.

Come on this song is the best

So out of 18 songs you choose the 8bit lullaby

Should be way higher

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8 Theory of Everything

Everyone loves this level, because it's awesome! Not as awesome as Deadlocked though...

Theory of everything is cool

This song is awesome.

Sounds a bit like a mad scientist's theme.

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9 Clutterfunk

This is my favorite level because of the music you should listen to it at the end it there is a electric guitar playing in it so this is better than deadlocked

10 Seven Seas

Should be number 1

Easily the best

Love the song


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11 Geometrical Dominator

Good thanks

12 Deadlocked

Why is this back here? This song is most lit and should be number 1. Second place should really be Theory Of Everything 2! - ForeverGirl

I love this song so much, I can't get it out of my mind most of the time, and it is my most favorite.

I can't believe this song is the last on the list. THIS SONG AND LEVEL IS THE BEST AND MOST EPIC!

This song is good boi

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13 Base After Base

This one of the best!

The main line is very driven and sounds awseome

THIS sucked

14 Hexagon Force

I don't get why this isn't in the top tens

Why number 12? This song is great.

Can't stop listening to it!

Hexagon Force > All

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15 Clubstep

Should be higher cause the beat is good. I STILL have this song stuck in my head after listening to Deadlocked. - ForeverGirl

Get this number 1

This song should be higher up

This should be higher up

16 Back On Track

This song is awesome! I especially love the final bit where the beat drops! This song is terrific!

This one is the worst

Least favourite song.

I love back on track

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17 Electrodynamix

The best music of all

The second half is godly

Why is this not top five

Amazing song.

Why isn't this on the top 5?

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18 Polargeist

Starts of boring. But gets super epic and crazy.

One of the best sound I ever heard

So chipper, so awesome!

Best song ever

19 Windfall

So darn catchy I can't stop listening to it!

It's custom but so darn catchy

The best thing ever

No way you're joking right

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20 Blast Processing

Well it's better then jumper!

How could you put this song here... HOW! CORYXKENSHIN IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. SO AM I. GUTNESS...



21 Xtrullor - Supernova

Listening to it makes my very happy!

This is one of the best songs ever!

great drop

22 Viking Arena
23 Dry Out

This one was definitely one of my favorites.

I like the upside down part beat

24 Sonic Blaster

Cool Music love this

This also need to be 1

Great song! Love the drops and the sound!


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25 Speed of Light

It's so addicting and can't stop listening to it! I'm making a level just because of this song! :D

26 Nine Circles

I like the last drop a lot just a nice fell to it

27 Time Machine
28 Press Start


Best. Song. Ever. Best. Song. Ever. Best. Song. Ever. Best. Song. Ever.

love it

29 10000

An electronic dubstep Song I'd: 684300. A song I experienced from a level called Hypersonic, wanted to hear the song fully so I created a level with the song. The end of the 2nd drop kinda annoying. But I like the song though

I LOVE IT! It's so good! ColBreakz is my favorite!

It's amazing

Probably my favorite dubstep creator and ColBreakz song of all time 10000 / 10:
1000 percent. I think.

30 Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple

What is this doing here! Take off! NOW!

31 Nock Em

Great song in general. Awesome dubstep.


32 Reanimate

This is a creepy song but I really like the beat it drops so hard.

Though it is an online level, it's my favorite song ever.

33 Thefatrat - Xenogenesis

Its very Charming Good Song

34 Multex - Gravity

It is like the absolute best- DrayTopTens

35 At the Speed of Light

Actually has effort into it. Sonic blaster should be high too

36 Cosmic Dreamer

This is the best off all

37 The Beginning of Time

How is this the last one on the list? It is easily the best song there is. It come in with an epic piano part. Then brings an epic drop. Make this song number 1.

This is just amazing

38 Badland by Boomkitty
39 Monody

The best FatRat song

40 Unity

This song is awesome

41 Ludicrous Speed

I can't believe that no one actually thought of this! It is awesome!

42 ThisIsTheFatRat - Windfall

It seems like it is a little too loud at times,especially at the comeback from the drops, but otherwise it is AWESOME!

43 It's Raining Tacos

For the win m8 lit gaan

44 Flavored Ice

This song makes me very happy when I listen to it. Thank you Fanmade GD Skybound!

45 xStep

This is one should be #1

Oh come on, I mean, you can't find a better drop.

Ummm...why not at top?

Really good

46 Stereo Madness

Worst. Song. In. Geometry. Dash. EVER!

I love the song


47 Problematic


48 Event Horizon

Amazing Song

49 Xtrullor - Event Horizon

We are Number One

50 Space Battle
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