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21 Blast Processing V 3 Comments
22 Xtrullor - Supernova

Listening to it makes my very happy!

This is one of the best songs ever!

great drop

23 Viking Arena
24 Speed of Light
25 Nine Circles
26 Time Machine
27 Reanimate

This is a creepy song but I really like the beat it drops so hard.

Though it is an online level, it's my favorite song ever.

28 Sonic Blaster

This also need to be 1

29 xStep

This is one should be #1

Oh come on, I mean, you can't find a better drop.

Really good

30 Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple
31 The Beginning of Time

How is this the last one on the list? It is easily the best song there is. It come in with an epic piano part. Then brings an epic drop. Make this song number 1.

V 1 Comment
32 Monody V 1 Comment
33 Unity V 1 Comment
34 ThisIsTheFatRat - Windfall

It seems like it is a little too loud at times,especially at the comeback from the drops, but otherwise it is AWESOME!

35 Thefatrat - Xenogenesis

Its very Charming Good Song

36 10000

An electronic dubstep Song I'd: 684300. A song I experienced from a level called Hypersonic, wanted to hear the song fully so I created a level with the song. The end of the 2nd drop kinda annoying. But I like the song though

37 Multex - Gravity
38 It's Raining Tacos

For the win m8 lit gaan

39 Stereo Madness

I love the song


40 Cosmic Dreamer

This is the best off all

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