Best George Strait Songs

The top songs from one of the greatest country singers of all time, George Strait.

The Top Ten

1 Troubadour

Love all George strait

2 Write This Down

Just says it all in this simple song

3 All My Ex's Live In Texas

By far the most overrated song by George Strait. I could think of 60+ songs by George that I would rather listen to than this one. That actually isn't very hard to do considering George Strait has 60+ number one hits. - Squaretires

A great classic song

4 I Hate Everything
5 Give It All We Got Tonight
6 Here for a Good Time
7 I Cross My Heart
8 Carrying Your Love With Me
9 Wrapped
10 Amarillo by Morning

This is his best song when I think of old 80s country this is the song that represents that decade.

Hard deciding when it comes to George Strait, but I think this one comes out as his best song.

Not in top 10? What the hell. - Joshgbpack12

The Newcomers

? The Chair

The Contenders

11 Check Yes or No

Should be top 10

12 Give It Away

This song made me love George Strait!

13 Run

I found this song because Taylor Swift covered it live. Love it! - Katanaceilingfan

14 I Got a Car
15 The Best Day
16 Blue Clear Sky
17 Ocean Front Property
18 Carried Away
19 I Saw God Today
20 The Cowboy Rides Away

Love it My #1

21 Marina del Rey
22 One Night at a Time
23 You Look So Good In Love
24 You Know Me Better Than That
25 I Don't Want to Talk It Over Anymore
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