Top Ten German Language Songs with a Bad Word in the Title

The curse words can be in English or German, as long as the song is mostly in German.
Unlike in the US, language never gets censored in German songs whether on radio nor TV nor videos, so there is no clear definition of a bad word in German. But of course, English curse words have a German counterpart, and mother also doesn't like hearing you say these words.

The Top Ten German Language Songs with a Bad Word in the Title

1 NEXTLEVELS**T - Dat Adam
2 F**k dein Fame - Kollegah

"F your fame" - Martin_Canine

3 Sche** Liebe - LaFee
4 Beweg dein Ar**h - Sido & Kitty Kat

"Move your a's" - Martin_Canine

5 I Don't Give a F**k - Kay One
6 Du hast den schönsten Ar**h der Welt - Alex C. & Yass

"You have the most beautiful a's in the world". - Martin_Canine

7 Ich geb kein F**k - Kollegah

"I Don't Give a F" - Martin_Canine

8 F**k die Reporter - Kay One

"F the reporters" - Martin_Canine

9 U-Bahn F**ker - Eko Fresh, Joko & Klaas

"Underground train f'er" - Martin_Canine

10 Beweg dein Ar**h - LaFee

Again, "Move your a's"

Most interesting, both songs with that title have a grammar mistake, as it would correctly read "Beweg deinen Arsch".

Almost as interesting, both songs are not about shaking butts. Sido's is about you having to actively do something for your dreams tp come true, while LaFee's is about her seeing a guy that's constantly watching her, obviously finding her attractive, but does not come over to her, and now she's wondering why. - Martin_Canine

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