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61 S.E.X. Appeal S.E.X. Appeal S.E.X. Appeal is a German dance music project that formed in 1996 after lead singer Lyane Leigh and rapper Raz-Ma-Taz left the eurodance project E-Rotic by David Brandes. Leigh also worked with Brandes as the first lead singer of Missing Heart. more.
62 Equilibrium Equilibrium
63 Obscura Obscura Obscura is a German technical death metal band from Landshut, Germany, founded in 2002. The band became prominent when members of Necrophagist and Pestilence joined Steffen Kummerer to release the critically acclaimed second full-length album, Cosmogenesis. The band was named after the Gorguts album more.
64 Konstantin Wecker Konstantin Wecker
65 Jeanette Jeanette
66 Yvonne Catterfeld Yvonne Catterfeld
67 Andrea Berg Andrea Berg Andrea Berg is a German singer in the schlager genre. She sold over 10 million records in her career.
68 Kinder des Zorns Kinder des Zorns Kinder des Zorns was a short lived German hip hop group consisting of Separate (vocals), Abroo (vocals), Casper (vocals) and Fadee (production), that formed in 2004 and disbanded the same year . Their only release was the album "Rap Art War", which had little commercial success. The album became more more.
69 Scooter Scooter Scooter are a German dance group founded in Hamburg, who have sold over 30 million records and earned over 80 Gold and Platinum awards.
70 Udo Lindenberg Udo Lindenberg
71 Nu Pagadi Nu Pagadi Nu Pagadi was a German band consisting of Patrick Boinet, Kristina Dörfer, Markus Grimm and Doreen Steinert, all of which provided vocals, that was formed in 2004 in the German talent search TV show "Popstars", and disbanded after only nine months at the peak of their success, due to creative as well more.
72 No Angels No Angels No Angels were an all-female pop band from Germany formed in 2000. The group consisted of band members Nadja Benaissa, Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, Vanessa Petruo, and Jessica Wahls.
73 Monrose Monrose
74 Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach
75 Richard Wagner Richard Wagner
76 Johannes Brahms Johannes Brahms
77 Scorpions Scorpions
78 Fler Fler Patrick Losensky, better known by his stage name Fler, is a German rapper born on April 3, 1982. more.
79 Cro Cro
80 Miss Platnum Miss Platnum
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