Top Ten German Words Containing the Same Letter Three Times in a Row

Unlike in English, compound words are extremely common in the German language. While in English, "maple leaf" is for example written with a space in between the two words, the German counterpart "Ahornblatt" is written as one word, not separating "Ahorn" and "Blatt". Now, sometimes the first word ends with a double letter, e.g. "Kunststoff" (plastic), and the latter starts with the same letter the other one ended with, e.g. "Flasche" (bottle). So, "plastic bottle" becomes "Kunststoffflasche" in German (with the word "Kunststoff" itself being a similar compound word of "Kunst", which means "art" or "artificial", and "Stoff", meaning "material" or "matter").
Before 1996, three letters in a row were shortened to two, but the German spelling keeps changing every couple of years and it was felt this one seemed correct.

The Top Ten German Words Containing the Same Letter Three Times in a Row

1 Teeei

"Tea infuser"

Compound word of "Tee" (tea) and "Ei" (egg) - Martin_Canine

2 Brennnessel

"Stinging nettle"

From "brennen" (to burn) and "Nessel" (nettle) - Martin_Canine

3 Balletttänzer

"Ballet dancer"

From "Ballett" (ballet) and "Tänzer" (dancer) - Martin_Canine

4 Kunststoffflasche

"Plastic bottle"

From "Kunststoff" (plastic, literally artificial material) and "Flasche" (bottle) - Martin_Canine

5 Schneeengel

"Snow angel"

From "Schnee" (snow) and "Engel" (angel) - Martin_Canine

6 helllila

"Bright purple"

From "hell" (bright) and "lila" (purple) - Martin_Canine

7 Schifffahrt

"Maritime transport", "shipping"

From "Schiff" (ship) and "Fahrt" (journey, cruise).

Not to be confused with "Schiffsfahrt", compounded of the same two words, but meaning "boat trip" - Martin_Canine

8 schnelllebig

"Fast paced"

From "schnell" (fast). "Lebig" is not an actual word unless as a compound word in combination with adjectives such as "schnell", "kurz" (short), "lang" (long),... - Martin_Canine

9 Seeelefant

"Elephant seal"

From "See" (lake or sea, depending on the article) and "Elefant" (elephant) - Martin_Canine

10 Betttuch

"Bed sheet"

From "Bett" (bed) and "Tuch" (cloth) - Martin_Canine

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