Best Gerry Rafferty Songs

The Top Ten

1 Baker Street

Number eight? You can't be serious. This is a great, great song with one of the best sax solos EVER!

Baker Street is one of my very Favorite songs by Gerry Rafferty, it should have been #1 or 2

Easily # 1, one of the all time greats

2 Moonlight and Gold

It is impossible to vote just one song.
In this case I think that Moonlight and Gold illuminates with simplicity the beautiful way of composing of the master Gerald.
Gerry will be immortal with the glorious works that he has given us.

3 Shipyard Town

From the excellent, but seldom heard North South album.

A full minute of bagpip-y music, and then a great rocking song, which follows the time Gerry met his future wife to their eventual split 20+ years later.

4 Right Down the Line
5 Get It Right Next Time
6 The Right Moment
7 Whatever's Written in Your Heart
8 Cafe le Cabotin

After great success in the late 1970's, Gery recorded this song about performing in a small cafe and loving life. A catchy tune.

9 A Change of Heart
10 A Dangerous Age

Autobiographical, as are many of his songs. Recorded as Gerry's marriage was failing. He sings off days past, and pleads "Don't tell me you're leaving me now, when you know how hard I've been trying." A very poignant song.

The Contenders

11 Don't Give Up On Me
12 The Ark
13 As Wise as a Serpent
14 City to City
15 Already Gone
16 Didn't I
17 Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light in Your Eyes)
18 The Light of Love
19 Night Owl

How is this not in the top 10? I mean darn near every rafferty song is great but still... - Jetmoto2

20 I Could Be Wrong
21 Stuck In the Middle With You
22 Family Tree
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