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1 Steal just one thing from her room per day

My little sister loves make up, and she has loads. She also has loads of brushes. Her huge jewlerry box is empty, so everyday day I just take one of her brushes out of the pot she keeps them in. She doesn't suspect me because she knows I hate make up. And when she begins to notice, her jewllerry box is right next to her make up. She also gets really mad if I say I took something from her room and put it in the bin (don't actually put anything in the bin) and then leave her searching her room for anything she doesn't have. Twenty minutes later I come in and tell her that actually I didn't do anything. Don't do this prank while doing the take just one thing from her room or she will, if she is anything like mine, tell your mum that you put the bin.

I did this to my sister and she went absolutely berserk! If you take something little starting with like a pen and then everyday take something more important and hide it in your room, she starts going insane. It's funny to see how long it takes her to notice

I did that a few days ago. I took things that bothered me about her so I hid it somewhere in her room where she would never look so I couldn't get in trouble

I think this will work because sometimes when she really pisses me off, I go into her room and steal important stuff and when she tries to find them she can't and drives insane


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2 Put lemon juice on her tooth brush

She will totally freak with the lemon taste

Thank you I will do this to my little sis she is so crazy and nasty

, I tried this one and it was so FUNNY

Thanks for the great idea

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3 Jump out of a closet

Im a girl & I did this to my brother... he almost peed in his pants.

I did this to my little sister when she left her room to go downstairs and when she was about to get into her bed I jumped out! She literally wet herself haha thanks

She screamed her he'd off when I did this to her but it was worth my ears drum being destroyed for a little because she kick me when dad wasn't looking

I don't think it might work anymore because I always grab my pumpkin mask and do this at least twice a day. - 51im_Ro55_2002

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4 Tell their secrets

What a horrifying thing to do. Even if your younger sibling is annoying, they are still family. Now your sibling will never trust you. I mean, it's hard for youngsters to confide their secrets in others, you shouldn't be tossing them around like they're nothing.

My brother always does this. - alexx3

My sister never tells me her secrets but I have a spare key to her diary and I read it all and put it all over the house she went berserk

Works like a charm

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5 Pretend that your putting a curse on her and do bad stuff to her after

That would work out great she will be like what the heck

She'd never think that she's cursed, but after I do the bad stuff, she'd probably believe me!

Grab a random hardback book (take off the cover if it has one) and say a random spell while looking at the book. Simples. Then do weird stuff to her,

I've done this so many times and I've deceived her to believe that I had the power to perform b,ack magic and white magic, this was when I was 11 and she was 8. I manipulated her to believe that when she did something bad I put a curse on her, that terrorised her. Just be careful to not let your parents find out!

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6 Pour cold water on her while she is in the shower

This is such an awesome idea, I have did this to my middle sister when I did not like her so now I am going to do it to my youngest sister. Ha ha can't wait to see her reaction.

I did that and she came out without clothes and slapped me. Can this woman honestly be cautious of what she wears before slapping awesome people like me? - 51im_Ro55_2002

I want to try that on my stupid sister
You want an idea, try replacing her hairspray with water

That's so funny and try coating their soap with a nail polish clear coat so the soap won't come off and they will be all what the heck

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7 Use her tooth brush to clean the toilet

She didn't notice a thing and my parents told her off because they thought she hadn't been brushing her teeth!

I think this is a good idea because she will never know and it's horrible, but when she brushes her teeth it will be hard not to laugh because I think it is a good idea I have decided to do it do my sister

Maybe we should keep it as a thought. We don't really wanna send em to hospital. But if you really love your sibling somewhere, then don't do it.

I did this once and I even rubbed it in some poop so it was really gross. I did this to my brother though not sister.

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8 Find a balloon and put it in her pillow so when she lays he head back it will pop

I did this and she screamed, ran to mom, and said,"" my head cracked open! It was so funny

Lol I've tried that before but remember to blow the balloon with lots of air so it pops easily or try putting water in the balloon

This worked for me it was hilarious


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9 Post their nude pictures on the web

What the... NO NO NO! Who ever came up with this needs to think about what they posted you would only do this if you wanted to get charged and go to JAIL. I HOPE NO ONE DID THIS IF SO POST IT AND I WILL TELL YOU HOW I FEEL! who dose that. naked think about the MEN PEOPLE!

It may be for terms of revenge but it is still wrong. Although I would do it if she did it to me. - JXJ

Umm that is just mean how would do that it's gross and disturbing people are just asses if they do that how would anyone ever like them again its wrong and not funny it is gross and mean and will make me puke and maybe a lot more people

No! That is inappropriate!

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10 Break your parent's stuff when they're sleeping and blame it on her

I can't do anything on this list because I get in trouble for everything, even things I didn't do, even things that my sister starts. My parents pick favorites. My sister gets whatever she wants, and if she doesn't get it she will cry. For example, if she hits me (she is above 3rd grade so this isn't normal) and I hit her back way lighter, I get in trouble. If we share a pen and she wants to use it, she can, but if I want to, no, she still does.

That probably won't work, because I have a sister who is more trusted than me by my parents. Even though she is TOTALLY not trustworthy. Also lots of my family is paranoid. Mostly me though.

Then tell your parents it was you (i feel so bad for her). Or if you don't want to get in trouble, why don't you just not do it at all? But if your sis is 100% annoying and would do anything to get you in trouble, this is the perfect prank 4 her

My parents will eventually find out😭

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11 Lock them out of the house

I've done that so many times that I've lost count. My older sister didn't have her keys to the house so I put my hand through a window and it opened. I called her over and said that it was open but little did she know was that I had locked it then I found a window where she could climb through but of course I locked so she was outside for about an 1 to 2 hours. Serves her right gor being a know it all

This never gets old and my sister keeps falling for it. - awesomedude

I once fell asleep doing this and suddenly they got in from the window

I did this prank before because I was so mad at her and she still uses this old prank as an excuse of me abusing her when it's the opposite smh - Edith_uh

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12 confuse with really sophisticated words

I did it to my six year old sister it was hilarious, she was convinced I was saying something mean but had no way of proving it. The downside of this was that unless you know a lot of fancy words by memory you have to use a thesaurus

That's a awesome idea

That's a nice way to get revenge without being a bully! Good idea.

This is very easy if your dad likes to use big words, but she might understand them if your dad always says them.


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13 Spray her with silly string

I would make her drop her stuff in the hall at school, then make her fall on the stairs, then make her slip and fall on chocolate milk, then when shes all soaked and embarrassed, me and someone else will jump out from front and back, and spray four different colors of silly string on her at the same time.

That might seem nice but when you're prank someone try to not injure anyone. - 51im_Ro55_2002

I am doing this to my crush. He was texting me and faked being his brother so I told him who I liked... This will be awesome!

I have loads of it and she cried and I was asleep because I taped them on and they kept on spraying then I came in

She will tattle

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14 Destroy all of her favourite fragile things by pretending to admire it then 'accidentally' drop it

Preferably when there are no parents around to get you in trouble

Her iPad is already slightly cracked, so this is perfect!

Use the soap that she uses to clean the floor and let her use it during her shower

She actually broke 10 of my dolls when we were little so this would be perfect thank you so much🙂

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15 Hide just one of their best shoes

They can't even accuse you of it! why would you want just one shoe

hahahaha, I made my sister miss school because of this, lol - SmoothCriminal

Tried it once in trouble because she knows its me

She'll be like why would u want to steal her shoes u have your own

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16 embarras them in front of their crushes and boyfriends

I got into her dairy and told every one who her crush is and I tripped her in front of her 2 crushes (They were TWINS) - SmoothCriminal

Say, "Oh, you must be (name that's not theirs), my sister (sister name) talks about you all the time! " Ex:

Oh, you must be Bennett! My sister Annabelle talks about you ALL the time! She totally has a crush on you Bennett! " (Say to somebody not named Bennett).

She will TOTALLY freak out, and her boyfriend might even dump her!

HAHA! My sister's 7 and she has a boyfriend who's 8(i know young love! ) so I made her trip and her undy showed up! HAHA! So funny!

I embarrassed my step sister in front of her crush and she

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17 shaving cream and feather while sleeping trick

Did this with lotion... Totally works! I get you because I have an evil sister too. I need more revenge ideas, so please help!

My sisters hate me they always correct me just get a cup and put hot water in the cup put their arm in the cup while there sleeping and they will pee their pants that's revenge

If you want to be bad then mix the shaving cream with food colouring. if you want to prank other people, mix it with red--blood--even though it isn't such a good imitation of blood

Why don't you put lotion on her face

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18 ignore them and don't listen to them when they ask you for something

But she would ignore you when you ask her for something. It's easy to say that you don't need to ask a younger sibling for anything, but when you really want something, you'll ask anyone for it. And, she might have something that you don't. If you do this too much, it could get too far, and she might stop liking you and affect your relationship.

This one is the best one yet! Also another tip is to buy something they've been saving for or what they want and not share it with them! Doesn't your younger just kill ya sometimes!

But the thing is my older sibling is a huge snitch and will tell my mom any ideas to ignore her and not get myself in trouble?

I always do this because my sister is too lazy to get her own stuff. She's always mad! I will continue doing this! :-)

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19 Dip their school pencils in clear nail polish so they can't write

I guess I could try this with my stepsister when she really gets annoying (I'm a younger sister in my biological family standards and my sister's in college so I can't really do anything on this list to any siblings at my regular house). - Anonymousxcxc

Or if they use mechanical pencils, take all the lead out and throw it away or break into pieces that won't fit

They will just think their pencils are not working


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20 threaten to beat up

Yep, this is the best one. It always work since she knows I could. You have to say it in a angrier voice than her.

It just makes her shut up and be afraid. Exactly what we need.

I do this all the time. Usually me and my sister get at it but we turn up laughing in the end

That wouldn't work. It will work but it will result on us beating each other. I remembered my sis and I had a heated argument and I was so mad that I hit her with a plastic chair.

I tried this and she just ran to mom and told on me so it depends on the type of sibling you have

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21 Trip her

Classic and best way for making sister cry and not much and very minor punishment

I would get in trouble and she will laugh at me and she just does fake crying

That's rude. What if she gets hurt really bad and has to stay in the hospital

I did that, it didn't work

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22 lock in a room/closet

My little sister thinks bloody Mary is real. THANKS so much.

Thanks for that but I don't have locks in my house only the back door the front door and the door to the back door

I would HATE to get locked in the big stall of the restrooms at my school, once there was blood in it!


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23 Put salt in her drink.

That is absolutely disgusting! We can all hate our sisters sometimes but this is really, Really, REALLY MEAN just think of what you would do if she did this to you cause all of us may want revenge on our sisters but this just taking things a step to far.

Hey person who commented, go $#%#% k.

OH PAH-LEEZ! get a sense of humor u softies

I love this idea, my sister always takes my drink and I put washing up liquid in it! He reaction was classic! 😂 😂 😂

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24 play them at something they suck at

When she got stuck at a word I was tricking her how to spell headphones and it was funny and she was mad at her mum.

I love this idea so much. I use it all the time. Older sisters unite (lol I'm sorry I'm so immature some times)!

I challenged her at a one on one basketball game and I kicked her butt. And I blocked ALL her shots. - EpicJake

My sister is a Scrabble noob. I did this by using 3 bingos in a game - MChkflaguard_Yt

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25 Make them watch their least favorite show

Dude its obvious she just wouldn't watch it

Ugh...wouldn't work for me. Sadly, my sister is very annoying. It's a good idea, but if I put on a show that I want to watch, or a show that she doesn't like, she'll keep nagging and nagging for her CARTOONS. Then she'll start screaming and hitting me, and somehow I'LL be the one to get in trouble.

She would just close her eyes, or get up and walk away. - nintendofan126

I would just put on something like C-Span and then take out the remote's batteries. I don't have siblings, but I do stuff like this to my younger cousins whenever possible. - llamakalamari

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26 Be happy when she's in trouble

Oh I certainly will be

They deserve it

I love to do that but than my mum woyld give me the same punish ment


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27 Mix up different lotions and such in her face wash.

I don't want to do this because it could cause huge situations

I will do that when she needs to cash her face

Me and my sister have to use same shampoo

Don't do it

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28 Put hot sauce in her drink

Salt works so much better... I did this to my cousin... He flipped and I never got in trouble because no one could see the salt in the water

I did this, but I put salt in her drink! I got in huge trouble

My sister is obsessed with hot sauce, so this would make her happy. - PianoQueen

I tried it with water it dint work good

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29 If she has any posters, get a bunch of pictures of a celebrity she hates, cut out the heads, and tape them over the faces on the posters

If the sister has any posters of Harry Styles or Justin Bieber, or any "cute boy", I would replace it with posters of Tom DeLonge. They would be like "Eww, who is this guy? Nobody knows who the heck Tom DeLonge is. By the way, he is old and his music is for old people, so not cool. He will never be awesome and cute like Justin Bieber."

Haha I did this when she was sleeping and she freaked

Great idea. I'd laugh putting faces of Tyga on the 5th Harmony girls...and I'll be sick too because I also despise the guy. - 51im_Ro55_2002

This is sort of cool... I guess

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30 delete games on her iPod / iPhone

That's my problem, we share an iPod, it's really mine but my mom says she can use it, but she ruined it by playing it in the rain about a month later I fixed it and the day after she changed the password so I couldn't get on and she still won't let me go on it.

That is awful. I can (somewhat) relate. when I was seven, my mom bought me a laptop. About four months later she was using it on her bed ( without my permission). Then she dropped it and broke the screen. Two years later, my dad hooked it up to a monitor. A week later, my little sister messed it up when she was using it, again, without my permission

Whenever I leave to go outside to have some fun this was when my older brother was visiting because he's in the military and he doesn't get to visit much so whenever I'm gone and I leave my mom's computer unintended and he uses it, so I have a new rule, I'll be keeping a good eye on people.

Am 15 and my sister 10 she puts a really good password on her iPhone I try put everything I know she likes and it was wrong then it was on lock mode and then she knew it was me I got in big trouble.

Yes I can also relate as well. My sister and I share a laptop, but when you reach grade 8, the school provides laptops for the students. What is really annoying is that she uses all of the laptop space to download all of her photos from her phone onto the laptop. She has a locked account so I cannot delete any of the photos. So I legit have NO space to do anything. I've told my mom but she says she's gonna make her delete some stuff but she never does. Gosh it's SO FRUSTRATING 😡!

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31 Tell her she will never be as pretty as Princess Monoke

Its actually Princess mononoke

Who is even Princess Monoke?!

My llittle sister go so sad and upset when I told her this.


32 Smash her One Direction records

I did something similar. I burned my sister's tickets to a K-Pop concert and her face was hilarious. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I told her Justin Bieber was in her room looking for her but because she was not there he signed her poster and left but I got to see him she was in tears and I faked the autograph on her poster so now she's bragging to her friends that she has Justin Biebers autograph ha ha

Wait what if they don't like One Direction. Do you smash their Katy Perry records or something? - Anonymousxcxc

Horrible hate one direction 😡

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33 Put diarrhea medicine in her food

I put laxatives in my sisters food

This is so funny. I want to do this to both of my sisters

I once did this with constapation medaci it as so funny she basically lived in the toilet for until it wore off

34 Put her Hand in warm water and it will make her pee her pants

I did this and she peed her pants then I did it the next night and she peed again

I don't want to do this on my family but I will do it on my sister

I watched people do this on YouTube it was so funny.

It worked and and it was hilarious 😂

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35 Ice down the shirt

Works like a charm

Oldest joke in the book. But still good. - nintendofan126

Tip if they are very annoying do it in a blizzard outside - Ihateschool

Done this to all my family members

36 Ziploc bag with water in bed

It works like a charm

This is not as bad it just get there bed wet

I will do this to her, she will no its me though. I laugh when I lie

37 Put all her underwear in her school backpack

This is awesome, I would love to see the reaction at school from both her and the surrounding victims of the sight of the (Nutella) filled underwear. LOL

I did this LOL it is going to be so embarrasing for her.


I put her undies in her folder that she must show her teacher :D

38 Make her think her stuffed animals are possessed

I tied strings to them and went under her bed and pulled them down I scared her so much she cried and ran to my moms room

That'd be so funny! She'd probably scream and yell "MY STUFFED ANIMALS DON'T LIKE ME! " And go to my parents.

I am so going to do this one

Lol I wish I could do that but I don't want you know why well because she has a weird obbsecion with them she owns 27

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39 Kick her butt

I said hi to my sister on the bus and she was just like "no" and punched me In the face. It nocked a tooth out and gave me a black eye

I would do this but then for her age I would get in trouble.

I would like to do this if I had a younger sister that is annoying.

I just did this today and she punched my cheek so hard I started to bleed!

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40 Tell her how much you love her when at school or in public around friends

My little sis does this to me I need better revenge

That is what my mom does to me

Do that, but give her a huge hug and while doing it, tape a KICK ME! sign to he back

It made her look cazy

41 Tell her Santa is not real

She's so stupid she would prove to me he is real by showing me the Elf On The Shelf we got in 2014

Well this would crush her dreams

That is just mean

This is funny because it’s true, Santa ain’t real. It’s really your parents buying you the presents and waking you up in the morning saying that “Santa came.” Man parents lying to their kids is worse than telling a kid that Santa ain’t real...

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42 Paint red dots on her face when she is sleeping and when she wakes up tell mom she has chickenpox

Lol this is funny this would totally work but it would get me in trouble but it's worth it

43 Hide a cup of water in her room and after a few weeks, the water will start rotting

Ew...I don't like my sister, buy I would NEVER do this to anyone... Mosquitoes grow and can spread it's just disgusting and mean.

I'll swich it for her regular water

And mosquitoes might grow in it
(Is this a yay or nay. It's 2016 and there's Zika... :/)

Water can't rot. do milk.

44 Pour lemon juice on her head when she is in the shower

But then won't she get lemon juice in her eyes. That is a bit much.


Are you hoping it will get into her eyes or what? [just hope she goes blind]

45 Hide all her clothes

she is shy to borrow clothes from neighborhood and her mother's clothes don't fit in her - ronluna

I am a little sister looking to see what she could do. This may not work with me because I have to much clothes and she will have to find a place to hide it to. Besides she knows I am good at finding things!

Then she'd be stuck naked for a while. - EpicJake

She'll probably raid my own wardrobe to find her old fashioned clothes.

She will freak out she loves her clothes

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46 Prank call

She does this to everyone ALL the time, maybe it will work when I am at a friends house!

Prank call is a great idea. - 05yusuf09

I should do that

She has my contact. she will know its me..

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47 Put salt in her soap.

Hehehehh the salt will dry her skin out and she will scratch herself! It will be so funny for her to scratch like an animal infront of her crush! So funny!

That would not work 4 me. My family shares soap

Laugh out loud haha I did this one to her this was great

Doing it

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48 Mess up her bed everyday

Oh my gosh this is so good! But she already damaged her bed

My sister bed Is always mess up she won't fix it up she likes messed up bed

I do it all the time it is so funny

My sister obsesses over her bed. The other night she was crying and I asked what was wrong and she said her blacket had creases in it.

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49 Wake her up by tickling her.

Me and my sister have bunk beds I did this and she cry for a hour we needing to go to the doctor.

Yeah. I agree my sister would just giggle and laugh if I do that.

Seriously a great idea there are many ways to do this - Curti2594

I will not waste my saliva on HER

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50 At a meal, tell her that there's somebody at the door, then eat all her food! Last, place the plate under her chair and say a ghost did it!


love it

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