Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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181 Fart on her food V 1 Comment
182 Creep into her bed and put a plastic spider in her bed when she is sleeping or not looking
183 Chop her barbie dolls head off

She will die if I did that but try tell her scary stories about ghosts at night and when she sleeps chop the Barbie dolls head off and when she wakes up tell her to see what happened to her Barbie doll and tell her that it might have been the ghost that will be funny I tried she didn't want to tell mom or more ghosts come ahahaahahaahaha it's funny

Or Shopkins dolls (that's apparently the newest doll craze right now). - Anonymousxcxc

184 Make her bedroom look haunted when she is sleeping
185 When she is not looking put lots and lots of cheese in her bedroom and hopefully mice will come in

I LOVE mice! Just not wild ones. And we already have bed bugs so that would make my mom CRAZY

186 Put soap on her ice cream
187 Hide her barbie dolls in your dads underwear draw V 1 Comment
188 Change her password on her iPad/iPhone while they are asleep

I done that and when she woke up she thought she went mad

V 1 Comment
189 Put bugs in the bathtub and hopefully she gets nits when she is washing her hair
190 Put sticky spiders all over her bedroom when she is sleeping
191 Color her tummy when she is sleeping
192 At the playground, tape her to a spinning wheel and make it go very fast

Ya like she will let you tape and it will hold

193 Tape her to a chair and force her to watch a scary movie

She will just close her eyes

More of make her watch her MOST DISLIKED SHOW/MOVIE it will be so funny

194 Fart on her toothbrush V 1 Comment
195 Splash green paint all over her room when she is sleeping so when she wakes up she will think it's slime

And get in trouble? No thanks!

196 When it's time for her bath set the bathtub to blazing hot V 1 Comment
197 Put ice cubes in her mattress when she is brushing her teeth
198 Tell her there is a man eating shark in your room
199 Force her to watch annoying Orange for 2 hours

No. Then I would have to watch it too. Plus she would probably use annoying orange's pranks and annoying ness on me. don't DO THAT!

V 1 Comment
200 Next time she is going swimming fill her swimming bag with underwear when she is not looking

Lol. Wouldn't work for me though. My sister is too embarrassing to be embarrassed.

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