Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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221 When she is sleeping, quietly whisper a creepy word to her and keep on doing it.

I have done that before and she started misspeaking whenever she tried to say a word like it.

222 Put a small pebble in one of her shoes every day and watch her reaction!

That would just slow her down more.

223 Take a M&M and scrape it around the inside of the toilet bowl. Then give it to her. V 1 Comment
224 Hide her towel so she'll have to streak to her bedroom. (preferably when there are guests)

I would so do this (works best at sleepovers if they have to shower)

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225 Get her favorite toy and don't give it back.
226 Lick a Lollipop put it back then give it to her

Ha! My friend didn't do this exact thing, but she DID roll a lollipop in the grass and gave it to an annoying girl... PURE EVIL! MWAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAA

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227 Tell her that there's a monster under her bed and make scary sounds
228 Give another tons of attention and offer them stuff in front of her

Works best if she is a twin
You can offer to make a milkshake or somthing for your brother and when she asks for one says he is nice to me and she will be nice to you the intire day

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229 Tell them that there are terrorists or demons and act deathly afraid

My sister would love that but maybe I could tell her friends she likes Barbie my little pony and stuff like that

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230 Put super spicy masala on their toothbrush
231 Put a little bit of red food coloring in their brush or toothpaste so they think their gums are bleeding

If it was done to me bad luck it won't work because when I brush my teeth my gums sometimes bleed

232 Pretend you got hurt get on the floor and then pull he/she down to the ground get up and done.

This is awesome if your little sibling is anoying you to do death. Ahh

233 Take homework out of backpack

I did it a lot of times

234 Hide something that is yours and blame it on your sister
235 Mess her room up completely

Amazing prank. I've done this and got all of her things and placed them in the middle of the room.

Tried that and she got in trouble for messy room

When she see's it act causal and laid back!

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236 Record what they say, then put it on social media and say that she was saying it about her BFF

I did that but my sis was crying every one saw the real her

Then show there BFF

237 Scare her with her worst fears
238 Kick her down the steps

She will so cry after that lol

239 Try to "pretend" to threaten her friends or her
240 Hide her toothbrush
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1. Steal just one thing from her room per day
2. Put lemon juice on her tooth brush
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1. confuse with really sophisticated words
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3. Find a balloon and put it in her pillow so when she lays he head back it will pop



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