Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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61 Pretend you can tell the future and say something bad about her

I would write my death bill

Toally works

62 Say that you put a curse on her and now she'll wet her bed for a week. Then, every night when she's asleep, put her hand in a cup of warm water and she will wet the bed.

If your mom has cameras sabotage them or make a loop on it so it plays the same videos again and again

Threaten to give her all-round bad luck to really freak her out.

How do I do that without getting caught?

My mom has cameras not so good idea.

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63 Take the battery out of her phone while shes' sleeping and hide it

She'll think her phone is broken.
-Or you could break the inside of her charger(the part that goes in the phone) use something small enough to fit inside of it but hard enough to ruin it. Ben it as much as possible. She'll never know what happened.

64 hide her favorite possession in her room

I tried it and when she asked my parents to help find it she got in massive trouble for wasting their time and was told to look after her stuff better

I got one that you don't have put water on her clothes when she is sleeping.P. S has to be her pjs. From Caitlin win

65 Start drama with her friends

My stepsister's obsessed with this app called Wishbone (it's like her make-shift version of a social media site) so maybe if she's communicated with people on there I could try this. - Anonymousxcxc

Not all children have Social media accounts, I didn't want one. Also my sister is not that Connected to her friends, there's no point in getting a social media account though.

If she has a Facebook/twitter make a fake account of her best friend, and say rude things to her. This will make a argument. But don't take it to far.

66 Pick the lock while she's in the bathroom

Works especially well if you take a photo and threaten to post online! (sorry for typos m main language is French)

That happened to her ones when we went to my moms house and my dad broke the door

Our dor does not close all the way so that is purfect

67 Put a password on her iPad, iPod or iPhone and don't tell her about it

That's what me sister did to's not nice man

I have done that before

She would go crazy! - nintendofan126

I did this but she started hiting me a lot and kick me off of my own bed when I am sleeping and a bounch of other horable stuff

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68 Move her while she is sleeping so she thinks she sleep walks.

Works like a charm!

You gise are so stinking rood! :(

69 Ignore her until she starts crying

My mom does this with my stepsister when she does something bad now. She just ignores her until my stepsister gets talked by her father (my stepfather) or her nanny to be good and stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

My aunt said I was grounded for a week

I will so do this one


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70 Put Proactive in her soap

Bad idea, bro.I be tryin at that but ma ol man cided no video gams an no board. #WUzup

71 Replace the sugar with salt

I once gave her a bagel with sour cream. she didn't even notice and when I told her she thought it was funny. :(

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72 Draw a mustache on her face while she's sleeping the day before her report

Awesome they'll die ha ha ha

In permanent marker :P

WHAT IF SHE DOES not have one

73 Rip their homework in half

My sister is 5 years old she is starting kindergarten and she did this to me when I was in third grade I am going to fourth and I think I should do it to her homework

Scribble over her homework

74 Show them up in front of their friends
75 Follow them around everywhere and stare at them nonstop

She does this to me all the time it's the most frustrating thing on earth I hate her

That would just be anoying

76 Tattle on her

Good one my six year old cousin is so annoying and we've been fighting for years and she does this to me all the time

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77 Put her fries into a jar of pepper, shake the jar and give the fries to her
78 Smash their doll

That is so rude

Tear the dolls head off

79 scatter panties around the house before their friends come over

Did it to my sis when her crush came over! Laugh out loud

Thing is, you don't always know who her friends are

And Blame It On The Dog!

I should do this, her friend is coming over tomorrow! - Popsicles

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80 Steal money from her then "help" find it again

I stole $30 from my sister and said, I will help and never found it. She didn't want our mom to know so I said, "I'll give you $30 but you have to pay me back and interest. Each month is five dollars more" she agreed and I know have almost $100 dollars and she payed me back some but not all. It works great!

I do that to my brother but now he's become smarter and always knows I stole it.

To small for me already stole moms credit card

I will not steal from my mom or dad but if they are being mean to me I will and my cousin has some today I will steal from him becase he is so mean to me

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