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81 message her random stuff

Laugh out loud unfortunately she does not have a phone and I don't have a SIM card so I can't try it

I did this before I ran across this question laugh out loud

My sister doesn't have a phone... But it sounds funny!

Did that to my cousin. Hee thought my phone was stolen

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82 ball up newspaper and put it in the toes of her favorite sneakers or flats, something that doesn't have peep toes.

Did it on my big sister. She was so mad that she pretended like she didn't see it, and she yanked it out and threw it on the ground...

Awesome. My sister will hate this

I did this. I got caught

I did this one and she thought she over grew them. When she told our parents they thought she was trying to get new shoes by lying and she was Grounded! Yay! ���"

83 dress up as a monster and say something about being alive in creepy voice then jump out in your costume and say "NO"

I've done this! She always knows it's me

Oh gosh I got to try this!

84 Tie her to the bed while sleeping

Haha it's super funny I tried it and when my mum found out she gave me a high five

Or duct tape her

This will be a good prank

I put peanut butter on her face while she was sleeping.P. S in the middle of the night

85 Tell her crush that she likes them

Haha no you should tell someone she doesn't like that she likes them

I did that yesterday! It was epic

Tell me your opinion which one should I tell she has like 20!


86 Fill her backpack with her underwear right before she goes to school

I did this and my sister was so freaked out and confused. her crush is in her class so I really hope he saw!

I fill her backpack up with her baby pictures and sleeping pictures. She sleeps funny lol.

This one is the best one they will say what is that doing in there

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87 Fart in her mouth when she is a sleep

It just tastes like air. It would wake her up, though.

Lol! Do this is she sleeps with her mouth open!

That will be like a bomb in her mouth

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88 Put Icy Hot in her body wash

What is icy hot I don't no what thAt is

Icy hot is an itching lotion, Lol.

89 Take all of her chargers and hide them, watch the light die from their eyes along with their battery

That's no very effective, until she has 10% left, now that's when it's effective

This really pisses her off and works amazingly good and she can't tell anyone untill they get home because her phone is dead 😂

90 Replace the filling of her Oreo with toothpaste

I did that and she thought it was the birthday cake flavored ones

I'm doing this to my crush (He's a boy but, he loves oreos)

I will do this

I did this to my brother but he liked it ew

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91 Spit in her hair when she is sleeping
92 Delete every single item on her iPhone or iPad when she is asleep
93 Put lemon juice on her lipstick V 1 Comment
94 Put water on her favorite outfit
95 Hide food in her room

My stepsister did this to the guest bedroom of her house once. She put an orange inside a compartment thing that the room has (by the way she wasn't allowed to go in this room when she did this) and it rotted in there for weeks and it attracted bugs and stuff. After that my mom had to put a lock on that room. - Anonymousxcxc

This will get her in trouble if she has been yelled at for eating in her room

(i'm the oldest sis) I eat in my room all the time and my parents don't care as long as I take care of it :P

96 Break her charger

Chargers are expensive don't do that

Right u shouldn't do that

Great idea but what if you share a charger

I would do that

97 Tell her friends who she likes

I told her crush but she told my crush :(

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98 Pretend she is invisible

But then my sis would cry, getting me in trouble. Ugh my parents always yell at me, the older sibling, and it's rlly annoying. #Favoritism

It was amazing

That's stupid

I'm the middle child and my little sister is the devil.
She has that #favoritism

99 Put a fake spider on her pillow

Once I put a real spider on her pillow. It was dead though.

That's would freak her out

My mom would actually beat me up

K I'm great at crafts.

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100 Tell her the story about bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, the story that gave me a deathly fear of mirrors for a month. It worked so much better on my sister! She couldn't sleep for days! - RockFashionista

What if they are crazy obsessed with scary stories pretending to not be scared by them when they really are? Would it still work? - Anonymousxcxc

Am 14 and bloody Mary scares me. I have a friend name Mary she has a lot of mirrors am now home school.

No way ho say I am terrified of bloody mary thanks to my old afterschool friends and adding the other scary stuff do you know how scared I was I was scared for like 1or 2 years

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