Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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141 Put your mom's make up on her face when she is asleep and call your mom and blame it on her.

I don't think that's a good revenge.

142 Make a hole in her favourite clothing item

I do this all the time and blame it on moths that live in our closet. Then I say why does this happen to just your clothes.. How unfortunate

The clothes have to be old to get moths eating through them. Good trick though!

She might get brand new ones you can also destroy!

143 When she asks you to do something , do the opposite

She does not do that because my mom says she is not the boss of me

I'm so gonna do this tomorrow! It's April fools!

I always do that and she gets so annoyed!

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144 Pick your nose and wipe it on her face when she's asleep

Do the all the time haha

145 Fart on her when she's watching TV V 3 Comments
146 Put Shaving Cream On Her Hand and Put Something On Her Face V 1 Comment
147 Tie a knot in her pajama leg

I do this all the time especially when my little sisters have races to put their pjs on first.

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148 Play hide and seek and while she is hiding leave the game and go watch tv, when she comes out and asked what you were doing say you couldn't find her

Really good! Right now my sister is hogging the computer this will be perfect!

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149 Hide your stuff and blame her for stealing it V 1 Comment
150 Ignore her... Pretend she doesn't exist

I did this and she started to cry and she told are dad and he asked me y I was mad at her and I wasn't mad at her and he said talk to her and I said hi and ran away from her

I tried but my mom got mad at me and almost banned me from any electronics for a week no visiting anyone

This is epic, unfortunately it will get really annoying afterwards

I've tried this, but it gets tiring after a while...

151 Pretend she's mentally ill.

Treat her like a patient laugh out loud epic just be like "gentle" and "considerate" because they're mental

I find that offensive because my sister actually is mentally disabled

Then why are you on this sight? Prancing a girl who is mental ouch

I don't like this one because It makes fun of mentaly disabled people. I have disided not to take a fence over it even though some could call me mentaly disabled, because I have Azpergers.

152 Lock her out of her device

I spam the wrong code millions of times and she got so pissed off when she found out it was locked for a week

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153 Take a screenshot of her desktop and then delete all her shortcuts and then change the background to the screenshot

That's EPIC! I would do that, but my sister doesn't have a computer or laptop...

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154 Put water on her bra and then put it in the freezer

I did that to my mom and I was so guilty! So I'm thinking about my sister

I'm so doing this when she has a bra

Mine does not have a bra

Can't, my sister doesn't wear a bra.���"

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155 Take all of her clothes and replace them with smaller ones.

She will think she's going cray cray.

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156 Steal her homework

But then you parents will make you do it for her/him

157 When she is sleeping put lipstick on her face V 2 Comments
158 Put water on her face and do not let her see you V 2 Comments
159 Color Her Face When She Is Sleeping

Did it and she almost went to school like that lol

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160 Slap her V 4 Comments
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