Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters


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161 Put water on her bra and then put it in the freezer

I did that to my mom and I was so guilty! So I'm thinking about my sister

I'm so doing this when she has a bra

Mine does not have a bra

Can't, my sister doesn't wear a bra.���"

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162 Take all of her clothes and replace them with smaller ones.

She will think she's going cray cray.

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163 Steal her homework

But then you parents will make you do it for her/him

164 When she is sleeping put lipstick on her face

My mom will kill my sister!


165 Put water on her face and do not let her see you V 2 Comments
166 Color Her Face When She Is Sleeping

Did it and she almost went to school like that lol

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167 Slap her V 4 Comments
168 Mess her room with toilet paper V 1 Comment
169 Spit in her food

I would never do that no matter how mad I get but my little sister is evil I caught her spitting in my baby brother milkshake because she wants one!

Ok, now THAT is just gross. I'd never think of doing that to my sis.

170 Put spices all over her room

Especially her bed and clothes my sis didn't have clothes to wear for a week and her bed was not comfty

171 "Accidentally" sneeze or cough on her

I did that to my sister and it was FUNNY

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172 Pee in a bottle and pour it all over her bed at night

Then say it was her

EEww that's just gros

173 Pull the fire alarm

Ask your parent first

My sister freaked out

WoWoWoWoWo! I don't think that's the best idea though.

Unless you want to get aressted go ahead

174 Put lots and lots of sugar in her drink

My sister never drank sprite again

175 Throw her things out of the window

Lol just be like I don't know I wasn't home!

176 Put shaving cream in your hand and when she walks down the hall put it in her face. Then afterward, tell her you were trying to shave your legs and that she interrupted you
177 Put a spider on one of her favorite shoes
178 Break your mums jewelry and blame your sister for doing it

Not expensive ones though. You don't wanna do that! Laugh out loud

179 Put your underwear on her head

Actually she did this herself because she was playing around

180 Force her to annoy your pet cat

If she did that then the cat will claw her face!

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