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1 Sarcasm

Loved this song SO MUCH (not my favorite :P it is the first Get Scared song I've heard though, I heard it with wolf in sheep's clothing by set it off) - Bluestar1991

Best song I've ever heard it helped me get through my depression and I give this band a BIG thumbs up

Loved this song it's so dramatic

Best song I have ever herd

2 Don't You Dare Forget the Sun

First song, full of meanings and potential

Amazing! My first Get Scared song it has such a unique sound and meaningful lyrics it's amazing!

I am using thing song for a project I am doing in school.

It's my favorite song (not only from get scared)

3 Badly Broken

This song is good. The feels, man.

Love it listen to it u won't regret it!

4 Built for Blame

I relate so much to this song.

5 Hurt

This song is what started this amazing journey of knowing this band. This song changed my life.

Best song ever. Sounds likes music box in the beginning.

6 Start to Fall
7 Told Ya So

This song puts me in a sarcastic mood haha. He sounds like the joker in some parts lol.

Hold your breath
And shut your mout
I told ya so
Told ya so
Everyone's out to get me
Nothing left
To prove to you
No ones gonna stop what I do
Told ya so
Td ya so
Everyone's put to get me

8 Whore
9 If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do

It's incredibly catchy, and the vocals are beautiful. - AftertheAngels

10 Cynical Skin

This song is amazing and gets stuck in my head all the time. Very catchy the lyrics make sense and never fail to have thinking about the lyrics all day long. very under rated

Are you kidding me? This song gets stuck in my head all day. The vocals are phenomenal, all of the instruments mesh perfectly. I love that there are the lyrics and then there are the instruments and then they intertwine to make something awesome. I don't understand why this isn't in the top ten...

Get stuck in my head all day the vocals and lyrics are fantastic! I just love Get Scared

Gets stuck in my head all the time I love it

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11 Suffer

This one should get more points. Its such an addicting chorus but what song doesn't from Get Scared.

I have listened to this song on repeat for DAYS

Not only do I like this song, I also really love the album "Demons".

AMAZING the chorus gets stuck in my head all day and the vocals are perfection 😍

12 Get Out While You Can

Always listen to this on repeat.
it's so catchy and has a meaning.

13 Drown

Awesome song

Amazing! So good this song gets stuck in my head and so inspiring.

14 Problematic

I'm honestly shocked this one's not more popular! It's probably my favorite - Bluestar1991

15 Stumbling in Your Footsteps

How is this song not on this list? This song is amazing. Give it a listen if you like softer toned down music

This is SUCH an amazing song! I'm so obsessed with it! - funnyuser

16 My Nightmare

It's my favourite

OMGGG! This was the very first song I listened to by get scared and while sarcasm is definitely their best, my nightmare should definitely be in the top 5!

17 My Own Worst Enemy
18 Keep Myself Alive

This one's really good too! Deserves more votes! - Bluestar1991

19 Hate

This is my favorite song by them, and it has been for a while now. I believe it's underrated, and if you haven't listened to it, I recommend that you do!

This was my favorite song for a while.

It's so crude. I love it! 😂

20 For You

It’s catchy as hell

The best!

21 Second Guessing

I was just hearing this one, how is it not more popular! - Bluestar1991

This song doesn't deserve a twenty-two. Top fifteen at least. It is amazing.

I don't see why this song isn't higher up. It's sums up my life.

22 Deepest Cut


Love this song

23 At My Worst
24 Buried Alive

Their new song is amazing!

25 Parade

24? Easily my second my favorite song from this band! It should be higher.

26 The Devil's in the Details
27 Fail
28 The Strangest Stranger

WAHT THIS IS #28?!? - Bluestar1991

29 Voodoo

It's my favorite song by them, and it always will be. I sonetimes find myself humming in at school lmao.

No. Voodoon doesn't have screaming in it.

30 Moving

The actual story isn't that great but it's a great song! - Bluestar1991

31 Take a Bow
32 Addict
33 Demons
34 Dance With the Dead
35 When We Were Strong

Why are y'all sleeping on this? It’s a damn good ending to EOTGM. Also when are Songs from “The Dead Days” gonna be added on here?

36 Wrong
37 God Damn Liar

Love this song.

38 Mess

I'm THE BEST KINDOF MESS~! - Bluestar1991

39 R.I.P.

Best song ever. "Understand I bow to nothing" "reminding self the pain in trusting" please get to top ten!

40 Under My Skin

What this one isn't popular either?!? - Bluestar1991

41 Relax Relapse
42 Misunfortunate (Lets Talk)
43 The Dead Days
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1. Hate
2. Told Ya So
3. Drown
1. Hurt
2. Sarcasm
3. Don't You Dare Forget the Sun
1. Sarcasm
2. Don't You Dare Forget the Sun
3. Start to Fall

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