Seventies-Music-Fan's Album Of The Week: Get Set Go- Fury Of Your Lonely Heart

Hi and welcome to my first album of the week review where I take a look at an album that flies over a lot of people's heads as well as the band.

1. Love Poem:: This is a good intro song the drumming has a very military-like vibe to it. The vocals, while soft give a very powerful performance to the whole song. But it's neither the vocals or the drums that make this song come to life, it's the violin. I can not get over that violin riff! If you know me personally I have a soft-spot for violin especially in classical and indie so that really hits me hard to hear a perfectly blended in the riff with the vocals. Ok, Next song

2. Fury Of Your Lonely Heart: Now how would you follow-up a song that's slow-paced and mellow? Well, Get Set Go's answer is to do the exact opposite. While both of them still have the same kind of lyrics (except that this one is more... PG-13) this one is so fast-paced yet light it's unbelievable they somehow managed to have a viola/violin sound pop-punk. I don't know about you but that takes some real creativity to pull that off. This song uses more bass guitar than most of their other songs and it really goes unnoticed (Like this whole album!)

3. Looking East: This song is a slow song that for once, isn't cliche and makes you want to cut off your ears with a chainsaw (sorry I got a little carried away there...) This actually comes close to my favorite song off of this album and surprisingly, it doesn't use drums, guitar, bass or even violin it is solely just Mike TV (The lead singer) and a piano. It might actually make a few people tear up especially if they were going through some problems.

4. Lock Up Your Daughters: The violin, drums, and guitar, are back! If you can take black/dark humor you'll love this song. The lyrics are about, well... as the title suggests and like a lot of their work in Ordinary Worlds (Another album they made) it has the lyrics of a dark and twisted satirical comedy but the instrumentals of a circus/happy-go-lucky song. However, the only minus to this song, in my opinion, is that it's only 1 minute and 53 seconds.

5. Racecar: This song is just average the lyrics are bland so are the vocals but as usual the instrumentals are while good, are nothing special it has a very consistent tone that would only make you tap your foot at the very best. This is my least favorite song on this album by a long shot.

6. Stone Of Suffering: This song is my favorite out of the whole album. All of the components are at their best but more specifically the violin (what a surprise) and vocals. The violin, it produces a melody that is nearly orchestral while the vocals are very pop-punk/ indie pop and again, they blend in perfectly. The drums are great as well, they have this pop-punk vibe while a love song is playing and it's amazing.

7. I Can't Breathe: This song is very short (1:58) and it reminds me of Goner- twenty-one pilots it has that slow, simple tempo, vocals etc. until (for this song) the drums kick in and it has the same soft vocals but it makes the whole song feel colossal. It's very impressive how they did so much in a short time-length

8. We Will Be Starts: This is a very interesting song especially in the lyrics where it talks about setting yourself on fire to get rid of all of the cold, chilling moments. The intro is of its own kind it sounds like one of those intros you would see in an action movie. The drums are very light but fast in this song and it adds to the main focus (The violin and vocals)

9. Hold On: This song has probably the most uplifting lyrics of the whole album it discusses the time that every person has in their life the depression and "life is meaningless" stage and it tells you to hold on and this is definitely the most personal song on in the album to the band (especially the lead singer.) Why is this? Well, in 2006 Mike TV suffered from severe depression, serious drug addiction and well, I'll just leave it there but he overcomes those obstacles and now is in a good state. So it's likely that he's talking to the past version of himself to hold on.

10. My Very Old Bones: This is where the drums and electric guitar stand out in this song a complete change, actually a lot changes in this song Mike TV is more like sing-chanting than his usual soft but significant style. The drums in the beginning to end are one of their (in my opinion) best drum performances they've ever done.

11: Flee The Sickness: The instrumentals have this blend of Mid-Imagine Dragone and Arcade Fire vibe to it and for the most part, so do the vocals. This song sounds like Mike TV is literally singing from his absolute inner self with the lyrics of an even more twisted Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.

12. Little Bird Lost: The song is a surprisingly happy song for a Get Set Go song despite its name. Which for most people would be refreshing but to me they lose their charm when they attempt to pull that off in the style that this song displays it as. It's still a good song and the instruments are not too over-the-top but not too weak it's that middleground which is enjoyable but nothing special. It's solely my personal bias when I say I don't like it.

13. Stare At The Sun: This song's instruments sound like the typical "I'm doing just fine" but the lyrics start off as Mike's begging to not die! Then he always seems to be bothering someone or another when he really means no harm. To me, this song is a high point for very personal reasons mainly having to do with the lyrics.

14 Disappearing Dark: This song is my second favorite. The instruments are very eerie-sounding and the song as a whole is similar to Looking east but it has acoustic guitar and violin instead of a piano and like I said earlier I have a soft spot for violin. The violin parts in this are very different than the other songs it has a more down-tempo than the other songs and it's very soothing.

Overall: This album is a rollercoaster from start to end and is, in my opinion, the 3rd best Get Set Go album of all time. I highly recommend this album.

Side-Note: In some of the songs you may have noticed that I left out some segments of the songs (lyrics, Guitar etc.) and that's because I don't want to explain every little microscopic thing that's in this album so you don't even have to ot barely worth listening to the album.


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