Top Ten Most Ghetto Boys Names

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1 DaQuan

Hit Daquan!

Hit DaQuan bro

Mah mf bsf right there pooh

Teacher: Alright kids, I'm gonna show you how to HITTT DAQUANNN. *dances*
DaQuan: AAHH! don't HIT ME! *breaks through window and runs to the jungle*

And DaQuan was never seen again.. Where he now lives is truly a mystery.

2 D'Andre

It's ratched cool and its also

Andre is better to be honest

I know about 5 peoples named D'Andre or De'Andre

3 TrayShawn

This name fire def naming my son this

I don't even care that's gon be my sons name idc

Super epic

love it

4 Izayah

I never even heard of this name

Its stupid but cute

5 Tyrone

My name is not ghetto, thank you'll very much.

Name of my role model

That's my name

This is my ghetto ass Co workers name.

6 Shamar
7 Travviss

Why the extra v

Y the

8 Lamar

That's. Not. ghetto at. All. It. Nice 4. A. Middle name


9 Silento

Yass, mah friend needs dat name because he ain't shutting his mouth up

Did they like the Whip and Nae Nae so much they named their kid after the singer?
When the song falls out of style this kid is gonna hate himself.


10 Freeze

The cops always get hid name rite!

I suppose he has 3 brothers, Burn, Blow, and Ground, correct?

I think that that's just slow because I be 'moving too fast'

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11 Ark
12 Kidd
13 BonQuavius

Awesome sauce!

This is an amazing name for a pet

It’s almost as confusing as my love life

14 Le'Vontavious

They thought it was gone sound French with the le

i love it

15 Whipa
16 Tremble
17 DeShawn

I know a deshawn an his twin is daquan

My exs name is deshawn

LMAO this is my boyfriend's name 😂

18 Boi

Now this is a name

Simple and ghetto!

Rate that

19 Tress
20 Dick

Best my boyfriends name is Dick (big Dick)

Robin "Dick" Grayson.Look it up

yo funny


21 Zoomer
22 Dessty
23 Vyncente

yo dis ghetto

24 Quantavius

This is a ghetto name lol

25 LeBron
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