Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

This is a list of the top ten most ghetto girl names you can find in the hood.

The Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

1 Sha Nay Nay

Was That Martin Lawrence's Female Character or Jamie Fox's Female Character?

Why is this always the top? I've seen and heard many ghetto-er girls' names. But this is 10000000000000000000000000.9% ghetto! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

MY name is Sha Nay Nay and everything I say is waffle ye

Daughter's name is shanta y love it but everyone calls her sh a hate it

2 Keisha

This name is totally ghetto. You ones whining about that fact need to shut up and deal wit it. It's ghetto and that's that.

My boyfriends baby mama name Keisha

Its common n ghetto

How is Keisha ghetto? Please explain My cousin name is Keisha.

3 Shabooboo

Shabooboo just sounds like something you'd name a Pokemon. SHABOOBOO, USE MOON BLAST!

Sounds like a monkey name

Sounds like something a lil girl would name a stuffed animal dog

This is totally my friends newest nick name.

4 Laptoyanqua

If it got "toy" some where in the name.. Is definitely a Ghetto name!

This sounds like a throat disease

Sounds like a type of creature someone rides in a Star Wars movie - "We'll get to Mos Eisley faster if we ride that Laptoyanqua..."

Pronounced "lap toy on ya

5 Leshaniqua

Food stamps anyone? Leshaniqua?

Well it sounds like a nice name but when other people call you that then its weird

That name is really ghetto

My friend came up with a weird person that is ghetto named Shaquine...

6 La-Sha

Pronounced la dash a I'm dead lol

Sounds like a mouthwash name

You spelled it wrong dumb ass

It's La-a. Not La-sha

7 Sharkeisha

Main character in sharknado?

Cool best ever and that's funny because my friend has that nickname

Yes it is a awesome name

I like shareisha ya know she swam in the sea but my lil kids swam in her

8 Bon Qui Qui

In French it means your steak is ready..

I just peed myself laughing

It's child abuse to call your kid this. - RockFashionista

This name actually reminds me of manhole cover

9 Airwrecka

This name sounds sorta cool. I might name the Flying type Gym Leader in a made up Pokémon game I'm working on. Maybe. - RiverClanRocks

The correct way to spell erica

You call your daughter like this if you hope she'll crash an airplane one day...

Sounds like a finishing move in a video game

10 Sharkiesha

A person named named Sharkiesha should live in a coral reef and not the hood.

This is the most common ghetto name there is one girl In my school and she got expelled and went to jail for smoking weed at school

Funny fighting name for a little girl who you think is gonna be a fighter and who likes to fight

I have 2 friend that's there name they came from the hoods so did i

The Contenders

11 Sharqueffa

I meant who wants name their kid fart in the vagina?

I puked laughter rainbows when I heard this

Oh my god this is a amazing name.

I love the name. "who wants name their kid fart in the vagina"

12 Annegelleighnuh

How do you pronounce?

It sounds like name of icelandic volcano

It's pronounced the same way as Angelina.

Random ass type

13 Jewleigh

The story of Jewleigh: An Israeli family moves to the United States. Unfortunately, they are not able to afford a nice house, so they have to live in the hood. While living there, they give birth to a baby girl. They want to name her Julie but also want to keep their Jewish roots alive. Then the name comes to them. They name their daughter Jewleigh.

What A ghetto Jewel

Nice rouches

I like it. It reminds me of jewel.

14 Kalisha

It's a pretty name

Ghetto chick from Cali.

Ill name my kalisha I have friend name like that

Was thinking about naming my first daughter this

15 Tyrone

This one is from a popular kids show called the backyardagains. The orange moose is named this.I guess it's somewhat ghetto but I could think of something more ghetto.

Tyrone is an awesome name

I go by this in school

One of the best

16 LaQuanda

It's so ghetto, I named my villager from Village Life it

This sounds like something that would actually happen what the hell

A white guy that runs around like spiderman


17 Eboleisha

Whoever names their child this needs to go straight to hell. Not kidding.

That's just rude talking about a disease. So hurtful I'm very disappointed

This is an actual name? That's horrible! - SamuiNeko

Why why the child is going to teased

18 LaShaquanishia

This is way to ghetto and I have heard some ghetto names this takes the top in my list

That name so ghetto I cannot say it

SO ghetto! I had trouble with it! - MyNameIsSavannah

Who ever named their daughter this should rot in hell

19 Labronce

Lol. Somebody must really ship Beyonce and LeBron James. - Kayci

I love this name I am naming my snowboard this name it is really cool and fun name holler

Is it LeBron James or Beyoncé gosh


20 Shakienah

Are sure this name is miss spell or ghetto, cause is post to be shecianah is in the bible its means glory its beautiful name not ghetto, if try said bible name is ghetto your wrong.

All the names on this list are not names

My name is spelt shekinah so it's pretty much the same...that's from the Bible so I'm confused on how it's ghetto

My middle names that but without the "A" : shekinah

21 Tequila

Anyone up for shots?

That's a drink ain't it?

This is an alcohol, not an infant.

Isn't that a kind of wine? - SamuiNeko

22 Lakeisha

Such a ghetto name I know someone called lakeisha and she is ghetto

Very common in the hood

Latisha maybe but no definitely not "Lakeisha

My name is lakrissa it fits perfect

23 Bonquisha

One should not have to explain their reasoning for picking the obvious superior and ultimate name.

This is actually my fake name at school and everyone calls me it and of course I respond cause it's the coolest name ever!

Then why name their kids this if they so offended eh?

This makes black people offended

24 Shitaytay

I think this is how a child gets bullied

Very funny to have a bad word that means crap in the name

I love this oil

Awesome ghetto name! Best yet!

25 Harrison

This is NOT ghetto. what was this person smoking/drinking?

My name is Harrison.. I was looking at random websites and found this and I was like WHAT?

There is so many things wrong this being on this list - nathan09098

This seems like a name a preppy girl would have- so yeah, not very ghetto

26 Latoya

I don't think this is ghetto but it is a black name. "Latoya Murphy currently serves as the Director of the Office of the Executive Secretariat in the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce." This lady didn't come from the ghetto and was raised in an upper middle class home. So this name isn't ghetto but it's known for being a name used by blacks.

This name is not ghetto at all

This name is ghetto for sure.

My best friends name

27 Watermelondrea

When a whole family of black people who likes watermelon names their child by the way I'm black too so I'm not racist

When your mom has a watermelon fetish

You were eating watermelon. Wrong

I needed this. I wish my name was watermelondrea now

28 Felicia

This is the white ghetto girls favorite name.

She always be axing Craig for $$

So does this mean Felicia from Darkstalkers is a ghetto cat-girl? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well she wears extremely revealing clothing but also praises Jesus, sounds pretty ghetto to me. - Kuro

Do you just hated when someone calls you this?

29 Destiny

That's so racist. Having an opinion against yours makes us black? Do I sound black too? I could be Italian for all you know.

Fella, this list says "ghetto" not "black", so its pretty racist of you to think that all ghetto people are black. - Kuro

Destiny is not a Ghetto name I got 2 friends name destiny FAR FROM GHETTO

I think that's such a cute name I'm gonna name my kid that if I have a girl

Give it a thumbs up

30 Aquanetta

Sounds like a water filter brand

She'll always have good hair.

Love, love, love this name! Brings back warm memories of the '80's..

Aquaman and Marinette (from Miraculous Ladybug) have a kid.

31 Mercedes

Ghetto Mercedes is the best ghetto name on this list!

Mercedes is a Spanish female name of medieval origin. It may be ghetto when used out of context but so far it is relatively.

I will definitely not name a baby after a car that maybe even be expensive to some people aka a Mercedes Benz

Mercedes is one of my favorite friend

32 JaQuisha


33 Obeesha

She must be fat.

Too much food


Love it new baby name ty XOXO gg

34 Le'vonia'jai

Worst name so far. Should have higher in the list. Lol.

Just had to comment since my name is Levonne

Dayumm laugh out loud


35 Shebeboop

Cyndi Lauper wrote and sang this song shes the whitest girl. With a hot hit from the 8p'a

Sounds like something you'd name a robot

Betta boop became hood

That's my name

36 Shaweewee

Funniest one yet

Please don't call your child Shaweewee

Really bad name for a kid in school

This is my name

37 Courtney

Court is a place and the nee is knee your knee! Get it?

What's wrong with that

Well a court is a place so ya know...

I don't think that Courtney is a ghetto name

38 Chantal

This name is considered ghetto in germany. (i'm german)

Sounds like some girl who's from the hood and always does her makeup and is a hoe but wears lots of expensive stuff

Sounds like the name of some ghetto African American school drop out with long nails

That my friend name

39 La-a

You have to say it right. La"dash"a. I've seen this a few times at the hospital I work at. The electronic medical record screws it up every time because the dash can't be entered. The poor patient has to explain their name isn't Laa every time.

I know some one called this I asked her how to pen ounce her name and she said that the - isn't silent laugh out loud

Ghetto, often mistaken, and just simply ghetto

I will never forget this. This is too much for me.

40 Nemoquisha

They just finished watching Nemo so they got sharkeisha and added Nemo to it.

Makes me laugh every time


41 Ticonderoga

If you come to a point where you run out of names and you name your daughter after a PENCIL BRAND, then that's just sad.

My teacher buys pencils and they have this brand name on it

"Ticonderoga! Pick up yo pencil! "

42 Symphonique

Ugly names but lol

43 Ikea

Ghetto girl from Sweden - NicholasYellow

My opinion doesn't matter

If this wasnt a store name, I would think its pretty

is good

44 Alexandriana

This doesn't sound too ghetto, more like a combination of Alexandra and Adrianna

A really cute and ghetto name for a white girl

This is for a white girl

I say yes because it is my middle name

45 Keishiana

Its like Indiana but with keish at the beginning

46 Abcdiqua

You need to learn your abcdiqua

I am going to call people this!

What the hell


47 Thotiana

*claps hands slowly*

Bust down Thotiana

Imagine she grows up to be a thot


48 ShaNaeNae

Does she have a twin sister named ShaWhip? - NicholasYellow

49 Leshawna

I think anyone who names their kid this has been watching too much Total Drama Island. - Turkeyasylum


Total drama is goals to be honest love that show

50 J'nayde

Namin my kid this, great help this site. Thank you thetoptens

This name is ghettoo

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