Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

This is a list of the top ten most ghetto girl names you can find in the hood.
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1 Sha Nay Nay

That's like Shane Dawson's character On YouTube. Her name is spelt different but it's definitely ghetto. Shanaynay's nickname is actually The Ghetto Princess.

This would be fun, me and my friends give each other nicknames, but there's this one friend who doesn't have one so I'm looking'!

The only real name on here is Harrison. Plus, this is supposed to be funny, but it can come off as offensive.

Shane Dawson named his other person sha nay nay its really funny do it your self you low life

2 Keisha

This name is totally ghetto. You ones whining about that fact need to shut up and deal wit it. It's ghetto and that's that.

My cousin name is Kiesha and she is the total definition of ghetto she is only 13 with 4 kids! And she also loves to get in fights and she is a hoe too!

This isn't even ghetto is a regular name and if u black u already know this.

How is Keisha ghetto? Please explain My cousin name is Keisha.

3 Shabooboo

I was laughing my behind off at this name..this canā€™t be a serious name. This sounds like something you would name a monkey or dog or gorilla or somethingšŸ˜‚

This name is brutally dumb and stupid but it would fit an ghetto girl I'm sorry to anyone named this

I'm so done. I was crying by the time I read this name. It's so funny because it's so true.

I'm sorry but who on earth would name there child shabooboo it's not even getto it's just plain stupid

4 Laptoyanqua

Sounds like a type of creature someone rides in a Star Wars movie - "We'll get to Mos Eisley faster if we ride that Laptoyanqua..."

If it got "toy" some where in the name.. Is definitely a Ghetto name!

Listen to the words in it LAP and TOY ohhh god that's probably how this name was created

If I had this name I would probably kill myself!

5 Leshaniqua

Well it sounds like a nice name but when other people call you that then its weird

Couldn't even pronounce the damn name so it ghetto enough 2 b ghetto

My friend came up with a weird person that is ghetto named Shaquine...

Food stamps anyone? Leshaniqua?

6 La-Sha

Pronounced la dash a I'm dead lol

Sounds like a mouthwash name

I loves this name I just love it.

That's my because name mane yall real dumb I beat yall not even from the streets with yall white ass

7 Sharkeisha

Cool best ever and that's funny because my friend has that nickname

My friend was one of the first to start saying this name

I like shareisha ya know she swam in the sea but my lil kids swam in her

Yes it is a awesome name

8 Bon Qui Qui

This name is funny because my sister calls herself this and so do all of her friends.This isn't the full name though. The full name is Bonshikalafondria. I don't think I spelt that right. Anyways, that's not her real name it's just her nickname.

This is a great surname you should call you child this if you are in a ghetto neighbourhood

I think the name is very unique, in many different ways. Except this sounds like a dessert.

In French it means your steak is ready..

9 Airwrecka

You call your daughter like this if you hope she'll crash an airplane one day...

Air Crash Sheesha? Yo Byotch don't be coming up and down this 7 fotey 7 aisle witchore weave and your drinks tellin me where the exits are and we fotey thousan feet up in the air WIT DAT NAME TAG ARE CRASHEiSHA.

Sounds like a finishing move in a video game

This name sounds sorta cool. I might name the Flying type Gym Leader in a made up PokƩmon game I'm working on. Maybe.

10 Sharkiesha

A person named named Sharkiesha should live in a coral reef and not the hood.

Funny fighting name for a little girl who you think is gonna be a fighter and who likes to fight

The reason that it's spelled with a shark and a keysish! that's stupid! I just a baby cousin that was born a her name is LA,kimberlyn scoony leon white! That's my sisters side of the Family! But when that baby goes to school oh wee!

Is a girl who thanks they can do what every she want she love to fight

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11 Sharqueffa

I meant who wants name their kid fart in the vagina?

That is absolutely hate this name. All I can say is "EWWW! " After I catch my breath from laughing so hard.

I really like that name I should name my new baby girl coming in january that can't WAITTT!

Its really funny everyone should call there kid this its great

12 Annegelleighnuh

Nobody has this name. Perhaps a cat walked across the keyboard?

It sounds like name of icelandic volcano

It's pronounced the same way as Angelina.

How do you pronounce?

13 Jewleigh

The story of Jewleigh: An Israeli family moves to the United States. Unfortunately, they are not able to afford a nice house, so they have to live in the hood. While living there, they give birth to a baby girl. They want to name her Julie but also want to keep their Jewish roots alive. Then the name comes to them. They name their daughter Jewleigh.

I like it. It reminds me of jewel.

I personally, find that offensive and antisemitic...

What is this lady a black Jew or somthing

14 Kalisha

Ill name my kalisha I have friend name like that

Was thinking about naming my first daughter this

This is my friend's name but we just call her kallie

Ghetto chick from Cali.

15 Tyrone

This was a proper English name before it became "ghetto" in the States. Most men named Tyrone in the UK are white and upper class.

This one is from a popular kids show called the backyardagains. The orange moose is named this.I guess it's somewhat ghetto but I could think of something more ghetto.

This name shouldn't even be on this list I'm thinking you ran out of ideas..right...

I named my ram Tyrone because he's black

16 LaQuanda

This sounds like something that would actually happen what the hell

It's so ghetto, I named my villager from Village Life it

A white guy that runs around like spiderman

Big LaQuanda

17 Eboleisha

I'm pretty sure this isn't a real name. I have never heard anyone name their child after a disease, so I think this person put this on here thinking it's funny. However, its not. Ebola is a serious disease and should not have any jokes made out of, or used in any way to mock, hurt, or make people feel sad. This name is just like saying Cancereisha, Diabeteseisha, E.T.C. People should stop making fun of Ebola, because its just like making fun of Cancer.

To ExxonWireless, Your mother is a ugly ass hoe, thot and so is any of your cousins or siblings. Your dad sleeps with girls way younger than him! And if you have any younger siblings? They will die in 2 years because they are waste of flesh and blood and so are you. I know that your'e thinking '' Haha! This will never happen! '' Well I guarantee you, you will die in 6 years time.. Live at your fullest before you go POOF! -ExxonDick Hater

The people who are happy about this, Should go DIE in a hole and should KILL Themselves.. If others are getting killed why can't the people who enjoy it get killed themselves.

That's just rude talking about a disease. So hurtful I'm very disappointed

18 LaShaquanishia

This is way to ghetto and I have heard some ghetto names this takes the top in my list

I can't pronounce it right but I like it! It's cute & ghetto... I'd totally name my daughter this!

I was looking for names for my puppet. This is definitely the one that's right for her!

Holy! Someone that actually names their child this should NOT be reproducing.

19 Labronce

I love this name I am naming my snowboard this name it is really cool and fun name holler

Lol. Somebody must really ship Beyonce and LeBron James.

This name is beautiful

I actually like the catch of the name ahah! anyone else?

20 Shakienah

Are sure this name is miss spell or ghetto, cause is post to be shecianah is in the bible its means glory its beautiful name not ghetto, if try said bible name is ghetto your wrong.

My name is spelt shekinah so it's pretty much the same...that's from the Bible so I'm confused on how it's ghetto

All the names on this list are not names

My middle names that but without the "A" : shekinah

21 Tequila

I'd u wanna get drunk go to a bar and be like tequila please and after u get really drunk be like "I kept saying my name. my name is tequila."

You don't name your kid after an alcoholic drink.

This is an alcohol, not an infant.

I saw this name on kids that go to prision tour on YouTube.

22 Lakeisha

Such a ghetto name I know someone called lakeisha and she is ghetto

I have this name written in one of my journals.

Very common in the hood

Latisha maybe but no definitely not "Lakeisha

23 Bonquisha

This is actually my fake name at school and everyone calls me it and of course I respond cause it's the coolest name ever!

One should not have to explain their reasoning for picking the obvious superior and ultimate name.

That's what the lil boy in my class be callin his self when he be playing like, a girl I can't believe this is an acuall real name.

Then why name their kids this if they so offended eh?

24 Shitaytay

Very funny to have a bad word that means crap in the name

I think this is how a child gets bullied

This reminds me of a newborn my dad saw in residency named Shi'thead (pronounced shih theed)

Awesome ghetto name! Best yet!

25 Harrison

Harrison is not a ghetto name, its actually quite a common male name...but a girl named Harrison? That's ghetto...

My name is Harrison.. I was looking at random websites and found this and I was like WHAT?

This seems like a name a preppy girl would have- so yeah, not very ghetto

This is not ghetto my best friends last name is harrison

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