Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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221 Zay'Shawn V 3 Comments
222 Tyronca
223 De'yanni
224 Detrina
225 Shavonne

My nieces friend have that name and I don't like her

226 Ritz

Yep cause I'ma name my kid after some crackers.

That's the name of crackers

I love those crackers

To be honest if u name your kid this u fat and your also ratchet!

V 1 Comment
227 Cherica
228 Twanesha
229 Silvana V 1 Comment
230 Ali

Yeah, it can be short for Alison, so yeah:) by the way: This is my name

My friend calls me that short for alicia

V 2 Comments
231 Eryel V 1 Comment
232 Pomquisha V 1 Comment
233 Rhiyoncé

Okay who decided it was okay the Beyonce and Rihanna could cross... EVER

If someonw named their child this, they've been watching too much Todrick Hall!

V 1 Comment
234 Laquiesha
235 Shaquiqui V 1 Comment
236 Twanzia
237 TaNayja

What origin is it? Please share it's meaning, and don't make anything up. You have to show it's meaning and origin.

Oh, it's ghetto.

This is my sisters name snd its not ghetto

238 Capaeja
239 Lamiyah


240 Teyoncé V 1 Comment
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