Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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241 Ratoncé V 1 Comment
242 Arianncé

That's cute

Like a baby between Ariana Grande and Beyoncé

243 Réjancé
244 Terreneka

'Waiter? Can I have some terreneka sauce please? '

245 Shanice
246 Quataysia
247 Starveda
248 Sassawndra

Fabulous way to say cassandra

V 1 Comment
249 Ty'Asia
250 Jose

I love this name sike

251 Lamonte
252 Tacondria

Tacondria, your mom was eating at taco bells before she had you!

Sounds like a disease

I think your drunk asf

Hi Jillian

V 2 Comments
253 Tyreq
254 Chris

Not ghetto at all

Chris is sexy. I love the name Chris.

Apparently my brother is getto now?

That's my teachers name, he's getto asf

V 2 Comments
255 Octavia V 1 Comment
256 Faliesha

She has a better chance of saying bye

257 Lamirisha V 2 Comments
258 Iyonna V 1 Comment
259 Keke

My friend has this nick name

260 Kalayjah V 1 Comment
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