Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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301 Shalaquandra
302 Mackenzie

That is not a ghetto name. I have a friend named Mackenzie

Not a ghetto name at all!

Aee we just picking out names and calling them ghetto... This is a traditional surname how did it get ghetto

I think it's only ghetto when spelt like m'ckanizey

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303 Lafayetta

That sounds like ghetto spaghetti.

304 Twerkeisha

Wow, naming your child after a degrading dance? Children are a gift from God, parents should have more self respect

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305 Lakisha V 2 Comments
306 Dashatawna

- Atwana. ' Excuse me, how do you pronounce your name, I wasn't sure from reading it. ' ' The dash isn't silent.

307 Daisy

Nobody should like the name Daisy, it's awful, ugly and everything negative. Only big fat babies are called it!

That's my name but a horrible name!

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308 Laboomsheha
309 Barbie V 2 Comments
310 Darshavius V 2 Comments
311 Le'Vonquia
312 Briannn
313 Sashesa

Try to say it 10 times in a row

314 Shaquondra
315 Shunique
316 Teragem V 1 Comment
317 Brigetta
318 Bonifaquisha
319 Mary

This is a biblical name... Not ghetto... If biblical names are ghetto then there is nothing left to name our children

Like seriuosly... This name is ghetto... If this is ghetto then I guess all names are

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320 Quanderella

I love that name! I found a new baby name. Thanks

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