Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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341 Kamaela
342 Lanoncé

Just about every name shown here is made up, ghetto, embarrassing and why people with these names will never work in a corporate setting. Please consider changing your name as soon as you turn 18. Thank you.

343 Kamonshé
344 Kapooshé

Actually the best name is Peggy-sue thank you very much

Most hilarious name in forever

V 1 Comment
345 Ariannc
346 Monicé

Wanna name my daughter that!

347 Damoné
348 Deltrese
349 Shallisa
350 Lavadney
351 Desawndra
352 Quin

It really doesn't matter if she is Japanese because any name could be ghetto don't matter if it's black white or whatever

Could be ghetto. But I have a friend that's named this and she's Japanese

353 Kourtney V 1 Comment
354 Bonisha

It is the most ghetto name

355 Boneisha V 1 Comment
356 Vonkeshia
357 Chiynah
358 Latishah
359 Serena

My aunt is name that, think about how Serena Williams feels

A. This isn't a ghetto name.
B. It's the name of a hideously annoying Pokémon character.
C. Good name regardless. - RiverClanRocks

360 Kiana V 2 Comments
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