Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

This is a list of the top ten most ghetto girl names you can find in the hood.

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21 Tequila

Anyone up for shots?

That's a drink ain't it?

This is an alcohol, not an infant.


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22 Lakeisha

Such a ghetto name I know someone called lakeisha and she is ghetto

Very common in the hood

Latisha maybe but no definitely not "Lakeisha

kind of

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23 Bonquisha

This is actually my fake name at school and everyone calls me it and of course I respond cause it's the coolest name ever!

Then why name their kids this if they so offended eh?

This makes black people offended

Yaas a French ghetto

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24 Shitaytay

I think this is how a child gets bullied

Very funny to have a bad word that means crap in the name

I love this oil

That's is super ghetto

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25 Keishiana

Its like Indiana but with keish at the beginning

26 Alexandriana

A really cute and ghetto name for a white girl

I say yes because it is my middle name

This is for a white girl

27 Shian


28 Harrison

This is NOT ghetto. what was this person smoking/drinking?

My name is Harrison.. I was looking at random websites and found this and I was like WHAT?

There is so many things wrong this being on this list - nathan09098

Not ghetto at all

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29 Latoya

I don't think this is ghetto but it is a black name. "Latoya Murphy currently serves as the Director of the Office of the Executive Secretariat in the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce." This lady didn't come from the ghetto and was raised in an upper middle class home. So this name isn't ghetto but it's known for being a name used by blacks.

This name is not ghetto at all

This name is ghetto for sure.

it is fine

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30 Watermelondrea

When a whole family of black people who likes watermelon names their child by the way I'm black too so I'm not racist

You were eating watermelon. Wrong

I know a shorty with this name


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31 Felicia

This is the white ghetto girls favorite name.

She always be axing Craig for $$

So does this mean Felicia from Darkstalkers is a ghetto cat-girl? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is a nice name - lovefrombadlands

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32 Leshawna

I think anyone who names their kid this has been watching too much Total Drama Island. - Turkeyasylum

Like Leshawna from the Total Drama series. - Catacorn


Total drama is goals to be honest love that show

33 Ja'Quandria

The names that I really love are the ones with apostrophes, or as they say in the hood "comma up high ". I always want to ask what they are contracting since that is what the apostrophe indicates.

Asking Ja'quandria. (Does someone get it)

I like it

34 J'nayde

Namin my kid this, great help this site. Thank you thetoptens

This name is ghettoo

35 Aquanetta

Sounds like a water filter brand

She'll always have good hair.

Love, love, love this name! Brings back warm memories of the '80's..

Aquaman and Marinette (from Miraculous Ladybug) have a kid.

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36 Destiny

That's so racist. Having an opinion against yours makes us black? Do I sound black too? I could be Italian for all you know.

Destiny is not a Ghetto name I got 2 friends name destiny FAR FROM GHETTO

Give it a thumbs up

Ugh... so ghetto and unlike names like "eboleisha" it's a real one - Organ

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37 Karlindra

It's cute and not too much to be honest I like it

38 Allisha

This is girl at high school named Alisha.

Yup that's me

39 Mercedes

Ghetto Mercedes is the best ghetto name on this list!

Mercedes is a Spanish female name of medieval origin. It may be ghetto when used out of context but so far it is relatively.

I will definitely not name a baby after a car that maybe even be expensive to some people aka a Mercedes Benz

I mamed my daughter that

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40 JaQuisha



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