Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names

This is a list of the top ten most ghetto girl names you can find in the hood.

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61 Peggy-Sue

Lives in a trailer park

Name fat kids this it save bullies the trouble of nicknaming them.

The schuyler sisters, and the lost sister, peggy-sue

I love it

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62 Quishawna
63 Allaboutdamoney

Poor poor kid...


64 ShaNaeNae

Does she have a twin sister named ShaWhip? - NicholasYellow

65 Tomorrow

I actually like this name.

Hell yess qyene

66 Siri

This is the type of name that a millennial white trash mom would name her kid. - NicholasYellow

Yas 10/10 bro all up in the hood

I knew a retarded boy named Siri and it's the nickname of one of my friends (Suraya). It's a rare name, but not ghetto

Siri is on iphones! what!? LMFAO!

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67 Amniya

Sounds like a name for a skin disease... - NicholasYellow

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68 LaShaniqua

Someone's been watching Total Drama Action... - NicholasYellow

69 LaMisha

One of the cutest ghetto names ever!

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70 LaPisha

Add "A" in front of it and it's Ala pisha or alopecia and you're losing your hair!

It means The Piss in Italian😄😄

71 D'keyah

When you have no hope for your kid's future, so you need her after decay. - NicholasYellow

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72 Tyronika

Its like Anika mixed with tyrone the most ghetto name I've herd so far

This is a good gehtto name I like it

73 Alyxsandrah

I'd kms if I had this name

74 Kateesha


75 Shaniqua

Love this name and I'm from aussie

This is the most ghetto black girl name of all time

Lol my friend name is shaniqua

Love it! this is my spirit name

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76 Shontel

I mean racists you ought to be a shame of yourself

Chick at my school called this stole my phone but couldn't do anything about it because she was ghetto as f

This is so ghetto I can imagine a black guy saying he's going to see his bae shontell tonight

That's tacist

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77 ShaLia

My name is shalia and it isn't ghetto! thanks bitch

78 Miaenishaa

I don't even know how to pronounce this correctly.

This is ghetto Mia

79 Tanisha

Common ghetto name for a white chick.

This name still cute though

That's my moms name

My name for sure but everyone call me #nisha short wayz

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80 Thotiana

*claps hands slowly*

Imagine she grows up to be a thot

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