Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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81 Ginessey

Who was drinking

82 Kanishana
83 Layla

My sisters name is layla

Has anyone ever heard of this before

That's my cousins name

This is no t ghetto at all my name in is Layla so...

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84 Tatiyanna

I like the name tatiyanna

That's a russian name

I knew someone named this, she wasn't ghetto though just bad.

I love this name what is wrong with yall

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85 Shaquana V 3 Comments
86 Latisha

My friends mom name is latisha

My aunts name is latisha

My moms name is latisha

I no somebody called this but it spelled lateisha

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87 Barbaraquoiyita

Can't even read this

Barbeque? Really?

Lol what bruh


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88 Thotiana

*claps hands slowly*

Imagine she grows up to be a thot

89 Athena

How is Athena a ghetto name your just putting names on this list just to be funny when your not

It's the greek goddess's name. - SamuiNeko


Ayye that my name lmfao

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90 Tera

Not a ghetto name at all, my husbands aunts name, a German name.

91 Tiffani V 1 Comment
92 Undyne

Undertale much?

She will strike you down

When in the heck did this turn into undertale? Oh, wait! Where's Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, even Chara!

93 LaKaya

I honestly think that the name LaKaya it the name of a famous girl from the hood. Awesome name.

Lakaya get the cool aid

94 Tylee
95 Walterquisha

This is the perfect name for a mixed child

The white version of ghetto.

This is a ghetto white person

Walterquisha lol

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96 Miracle

Miracle is not a trashy name by the way your being rude for people whose names are miracle think before you speak you might hurt some people feelings

Lol I know a girl named miracle and the name is not ghetto but she sure is

These sisters I know are named Mercedes, miracle, and precious

Who ever named their baby miracle is going too have miracles in their lives because when you give miracles you get them by god also knowing that baby's are a great gift from godπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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97 Onika

Still ghetto. Who ever knew people could be so stupid and ghetto in Trinidad and Tobago

Nicki minaj's real name!

Nicki minaj real name!

I don't think Nicky Minsk will appreciate that

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98 Jasmine

If Jasmine is GHETTO then I am 100% GHETTO.

Princess jasmine

Jasmine sharya Rowland 10-22-2015.

I'm name Jasmine and I'm super.

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99 Raven

Raven is so ghetto because Raven Symone has 50million colors in her hair and 20 gold chains and tries to stereotype others

This name has never been "ghetto" to me because I grew up watching the show Teen Titans.

This is a cool name, not ghetto though


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100 Mandy V 1 Comment
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