Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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101 Zuri

I agree zuri is not a ghetto name at all

Isn't ghetto at all

Zuri is a very cute name Skai Jackson plays that name

The person who posted this obviously never watched Jessie. But the character from Jessie is mean in bunk'd, but STILL!

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102 Giorgisha

This is so horrible

Giovanni is such a pretty name

Gorgeous name,I named my 5th daughter this, she hate it though, lol I don't cure


103 Shaquana V 3 Comments
104 Shakiya
105 Yomoma

Really that's a phrase to roast people

Come one who names their kid this?!

Maybe in China but not the hood

Dumb name

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106 Lexi

Actually lexi doesn't stand for alexis it could me many names. like alexi, a girl I know, or lexus, another girl I know. ghetto doesn't mean black so shut your little preppy white ass up and take your head outta there before the rots in your brain

White ghetto hooker crack head name

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107 Bomquisha

Sounds like an insect you just sprayed but squishing it just to make sure it's dead.

Don't introduce yourself to anyone while you're on an airplane.

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108 LaQuisha

I know someone with this name and shes kinda ghetto I guess

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109 Onika

Still ghetto. Who ever knew people could be so stupid and ghetto in Trinidad and Tobago

Nicki minaj's real name!

Nicki minaj real name!

I don't think Nicky Minsk will appreciate that

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110 Jasmine

If Jasmine is GHETTO then I am 100% GHETTO.

Princess jasmine

Jasmine sharya Rowland 10-22-2015.

I'm name Jasmine and I'm super.

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111 Donnequa
112 Ladasha

Lol! This is already on here? I heard this name called out at a track meet once. Most hilarious thing ever. - eventer51314

113 Shawna
114 Lishida

That is a stupid name for a baby I would never give my baby that name I will never talk talk tomy baby again

115 Tinashe

I like her songs and the way she dance so don't judge her name because she's famous for that

When I'm eighteen I will change my name to that

Love her music, dancing and name lol

It's a Zimbabwen name. Not Ghetto at all

116 D'Niece V 4 Comments
117 LaKayla
118 ShaTiffa

It's like Tiffany... Only ghetto. Classic and intriguing.

119 Melody

That actually sounds like a good name

That's my cousins name!

120 LaShaawnda

How in the hell do you pronounce this

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