Top Ten Most Ghetto Girls Names


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161 Tiesha

My name is Thais pronounced Tie-ease. This is the name of an Greek opera. Don't really like this version of my name but it is far from ghetto.

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162 Rakisha

Very ghetto

163 Laquania

A lot of the names you see are made up by the sue ann and biff people because they are pissed off at what they got stuck with!

Black names like most of these DO NOT have meaning! Educate yourself before opening your mouth to share an opinion

I don't see anything wrong with so of these name. Not everybody wanna name their children Anna Kate, Sarah Ann, Beth Ann, Anna Grace. Now those are some stupid ass names. But because of our children names they are judged! What a lot of you all fell to realize is that most black people names have powerful meaning behind them. Try finding out what it means before you make fun of someone's name. I don't care if you disagree with what I have said ask me if I give two cause I don't. #schoolsout #dumbass #learnyourhistory #judgementalpeople

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164 Uniqua

The backyardigans

Haha love the show

The cockroah ant pink alien in the Backyardigans. Memories

You forgot tyrome

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165 Letesha

A girl I know has this name and she white

She a small but fiesty girl

166 Mia
167 TyQuanda

Best name for my hand puppet thanks so much!

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168 Quaneshia V 2 Comments
169 Jonquezha

Hard to pronounce.

170 Latifa Latifa V 1 Comment
171 Kanyra V 1 Comment
172 Mysticia V 2 Comments
173 Unique V 1 Comment
174 Domonique

That is not ghetto

That's my name

175 Quindeja V 1 Comment
176 Tri'Nya

My friend named her daughter this lol


177 Rackesha

This is a that name, try Raquellia

Rack city

That bitch is crazy she froze her baby

178 Shaqueffa

! How to spell it?

179 Lubusha

How can you possibly even think of that! She will sue her parents when she grows up! Damn right.

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180 Marquai
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