Top 10 Ghetto Slang Terms

Those words that you hear in pop or rap music and you don't know the meaning of it but you use the word around, looking like an complete idiot. I might miss some important ones but you can add them later.

The Top Ten

1 OG

It is an acronym for Original Gangster in ghetto culture - StephanTheIdiot

2 Homie

It means friend or pal or someone you really know in the hood. - StephanTheIdiot

3 187

A synonym for murder which is based on California's penal murder code - StephanTheIdiot

4 Wack

Means bad or negative when describing something - StephanTheIdiot

5 Dawg

Ghetto term for friend or partner - StephanTheIdiot

6 Booty

Hood term for someone's buttock - StephanTheIdiot

7 Skank

A term for women who acts like protistutes. - StephanTheIdiot

8 Five-O

A ghetto slang for police officers - StephanTheIdiot

9 Bling Bling

Shiny, sparkling objects like jewels and chains. - StephanTheIdiot

10 Gucci

A clothing brand that's used to describe...I don't even know.

The Contenders

11 Chronic

A term for marijuana. Famously used as the title for Dr. Dre's The Chronic album. - StephanTheIdiot

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