Top Ten Ghetto White Names

A lot of the times, people will make fun of 'black names' for being ghetto, but they don't realize that every ethnicity has there fair share of ghetto names.

The Top Ten

1 Jaxon

Why can't they just spell it normally - Jackson. Jaxon is not unique, just stupid. Andrew Jackson wasn't even a good president! - Gurl

Why do you assume it implies being named after Andrew Jackson. Are you unfamiliar with the Nordic/Scots tradition of naming a male child after the father? E.G.: Jack's son; Eric's son; John's son.

2 Maple

This is an obvious attempt to "prove" white people can be equally "ghetto," and it's bogus. Nearly all these names are conjured--NO one names their kid "Lemon," "Mango" or "Titan." "Peaches" IS of black origin. Zelda is Eastern European, not "ghetto."

Oh shut up.

3 Lemon

You can "try to prove" anything you want. You can "try to prove" that things fall UP. You can "try to prove" that water is DRY. You can "try to prove" the dollar you just gave the clerk is really a HUNDRED. Guess what: this list falls on its face, too.

What this list tries to prove: Whites can be ghetto
What it really proves: If your name is a fruit, you are ghetto. - AnonymousChick

I know, right? Met this ghetto chick yesterday called Orange hanging with her ghetto friends, Cherry and Mango. - cutiepiestarlight

4 Mango
5 Peaches

When I hear this name, I just think of ice age! My parents sometimes call me this! - cutiepiestarlight

6 Titan
7 Zelda

They probs named their son Link... :') - cutiepiestarlight

8 Apple
9 Candy
10 London

The Contenders

11 Cadyn
12 Brockleigh
13 Lauren
14 Maximilian
15 Carter
16 Reagan

A lot of people named their daughters after Ronald Reagan, though in any case, it's a fairly common Irish name for girls. Is there ever any intelligent thought around here?

17 Gemma

Gemma is a common Italian name. Stop trying to be edgy when you don't know what you're talking about.

18 Alexandriana
19 Almond
20 Emerald
21 Cherry

Cherry is a cute name! ^-^ - cutiepiestarlight

22 Leigha
23 Anderson

Why do white people name their children last names? - Gurl

24 Rex

There was a kid in my 6h class named rex he was also a ginger. He reminded me of the son on squidbillies 😂

25 Zandalee
26 Diamond

Y'all know it's true.

27 Amethyst
28 Fred
29 Stormy
30 Zaiden
31 Kayden
32 Brayden
33 Sayden
34 Jheydynn
35 Gracie
36 Dayden
37 Kaylen
38 Heleigh
39 Sheleigh
40 Kyleigh
41 Jayden
42 Rayden
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