Top 10 Ghost-Themed Boards in Mario Party Games

Halloween is coming up, and I have already made a few halloween related lists, however I haven't made any mario party halloween related lists, so why not listing the best ghost-themed boards in the mario party series? Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Creepy Caverns (Mario Party 3)

This is by far the best ghost-themed board in any mario party game! I may even go as far as saying it's one of the best boards in general in any mario party game! The amount of different areas and creativity is great and it's a very big board! It's so big that there's different areas! To the north-west is a lake with Dorrie and to the east are mines, the amount of creativity is great! Is there really any ghost-themed board better than this one? - darthvadern

I love the Whomps in the middle of the board playing a Mario party themed game themselves.

2 Haunted Trail (Mario Party 10)

Mario Party 10 was an excellent game in my opinion! I will agree it's a bit lackluster due to the lack of a story mode and very few game modes, luckily one of the great things was the boards! This game had excellent boards and all of them were fun! Haunted Trial is one of the best boards from the game! It's very spooky and the overall dark forest path setting is great! - darthvadern

I can't believe I mispelled Trail with Tail lol - darthvadern

3 Kamek's Carpet Ride (Mario Party: Island Tour)

This board is super creative! Although it's very short, it's unique! Mario Party: Island Tour is known for eachboard having different aspects and creativity! I love it! This board was also one of the best from that game! So basically this board is about moving forwad with cards. The unique thing though is here. So the first half is basically a tutorial, but the second half is random! So halfway through there are two mansions, and it's luck that decides what mansion you will be going to! If you're unlucky then you're off to the green and dark mansion, however if lucky, welcome to the bright and red mansion! This board is so unique! - darthvadern

4 Horror Land (Mario Party 2)

Despite disliking Mario Party 2 due to its unoriginality in terms of minigames, this board was probably one of the only good things about it. The overall setting is pretty cool and the music's creepy. However the truly great thing is the day / night cycle! Every per second turn, the board will go from day to night or vice versa! This actually inspired the main gimmick of Mario Party 6 so good job at doing that! - darthvadern

5 King Boo's Haunted Hideaway (Mario Party 8)

Mario Party 8 had great board unpredictability. - DLG

It's the most exciting board in the game because you never know what might be in front of you! Unlike the other boards in the game where you know where you are and where you may land, this board is completely luck-based since the board is built uå by these small rooms and you never know which room you should go too until you test one! It's super exciting! - darthvadern

6 Boo's Horror Castle (Mario Party 9)

Mario Party 9 is my favourite mario spin-off of all time! However, that doesn't mean it's completely flawless! Boo's Horror Castle, the ghost-themed board of the game is in my opinion one of the lesser good boards of the game, and overall not excellent. Sure, it's unique, but so is everything of Mario Party 9! My main problem is probably the fact that the boo that will chase you can get annoying because you're under pressure and the board itself plays somewhat uninteresting (although it is creepy as heck! ) - darthvadern

7 Kamek's Library (Mario Party DS)

This board is quite interesting, it's set in a library full of books and there's tons of spooky places! It looks pretty impressive as well for a DS game! Although I still haven't played Mario Party DS it looks awesomne! - darthvadern

Ah yes, I remember this place. - LightningStrike

8 Boo’s Haunted Bash (Mario Party 4)

Oh well, now we get to the rather underwhelming boards. This is one of them. Mario Party 4 was a game that had probably among the most boring boards ever! Everything looks the same except thescenery is a different color, but this one takes the cake as the most uninteresting because the whole thing is just one big square with some linear paths in it! I definitely like to bash this one (pun intended) - darthvadern

9 2-1 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

Oh yes, Mario Party: Star Rush, the most unique Mario Party game, and an excellent game overall! This game unlike the other Mario Party games which had like six boards and a different theme to them. Mario Party: Star Rush had five worlds that had three boards each. While I don't like that idea that muh it's a uynique step. However, World 2 was the absolute worst world in the game! Out of the three boards in the world, I guess the first one was the least bad, because it doesn't have the same annoying gimmick 2-2 and 2-3, but it doesn't save the otherwise underwhelming and boring ghost board this world is. - darthvadern

10 2-3 (Mario Party: Star Rush)

This was near-terrible! This board along with 2-2 shares a super annoying gimmick! So basically when allies arrive, you will see two of the same ally characters! Well, one of them is disguising themselves as a peepa so if you get the peepa by accident well then you'll probably not come in first place since it will remive spaces from you! What makes this slightly better than 2-2 is probably because it's bigger and more to do, still, terrible! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 2-2 (Mario Party: Star Rush)
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