Top Ten Giant Silk Moths

The Top Ten

Luna Moth

Because they're pretty - NashiTheCreator

Atlas Moth
Rosy Maple Moth

Smol but cute - NashiTheCreator

Polyphemus Moth
Io Moth
Emperor Moth (Saturnia Pavonia)
Cecropia Moth
Japanese Silk Moth
Giant Peacock Moth
Spanish Moon Moth

The Contenders

Hawkmoth Hawkmoth (Le Papillon in French) is a main antagonist in French show Miraculous Ladybug. His personality is cruel, greedy, and evil. His goals are trying to get Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculouses. Hawkmoth often theorized as Gabriel Agreste (Adrien's dad) by fans due because his civilian self resembles more.
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