Top 10 Gifts for Someone on the Naughty List

Gifts for people on the naughty list that are possibly worst than getting a lump of coal.

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1 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This is even worst than a lump of coal, maybe Santa should start handing out E.T cartridges instead of coal to naughty children. - egnomac

I hope every copy is still buried in that Mexican (or was it New Mexican? ) landfill or whatever. It'd be even worse if you got an E.T. copy completely covered in trash when it-s already trash itself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If I get it I would cringe - TeamRocket747

A very good film

2 A Copy of Foodfight! DVD

Thank god Santa is not real.

I'd be good all year if that was the case!

I don't know if I could support this form of torture - Masochismismagic

3 Power Glove Power Glove
4 Atari Jaguar
5 A Copy of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie DVD

I'd rather take the lump of coal than this. - egnomac

If I get it, I'll mail it to my worst enemy for Christmas - TeamRocket747

6 Mouse Trap
7 Action 52

For someone who's been naughty give a really awful nes game filled with 52 really bad games and force them to play all night. - egnomac

8 An empty box
9 Blackstar - David Bowie

Well, if I was on the naughty list, this would be a godsend. - DCfnaf

And the stupid David Bowie hater troll strikes again... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 HyperScan

The Newcomers

? A registration for Finishing School
? Captain Marvel DVD

The Contenders

11 Fred: The Movie

This movie sucks so much it doesn't even deserve to be called a movie. - RogerMcBaloney

12 The Emoji Movie

This movie is horrendous crap...

Yes I will be bad all year - Sausagelover99

The Geneva Conference prohibited this - Masochismismagic

I got it on DVD yayy! - Sausagelover99

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13 A Lump of Coal
14 Clorox Bleach
15 The Bible

Even if you're not a religious person this book can still be amazing...

Who would add this even though it's good for you? - BoyGenius234

The worst possible gift you could give to me (I already hate Christmas though cause it's a Christian holiday. I'm a satanist).

It's not a Christian holiday. It's actually a pagan holiday and the real name is Yule. - Ilovestephanie

16 An uppercut
17 A Hero Factory Set
18 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
19 Crazy Bus
20 Norm of the North
21 Where the Dead Go to Die

I bet they'll never be naughty and confess to Jesus after watching this artificial hell - Mcgillacuddy

22 The Secret Life of Pets

This isn’t even a bad thing. - ThemeParkChasers

23 A picture of Justin Bieber

But what if they are a belieber?

24 Hotel Mario

"I hope she make a lot of SPAGHETTI" - Phillip873

25 The Godfather

Whoever added this clearly doesn't know what an amazing movie is. - RogerMcBaloney

Why's this on here?



26 LJN Video Art
27 Mein Kampf
28 Doggy Doo Doo (Board Game)

The real thing is even better

29 A Flag of North Korea
30 G.I. Joe Street Fighter II Vega Action Figure
31 - Soulja Boy
32 Ron Weasley's Yule Ball Outfit

Once again this form of torture is far too inhumane lol - Masochismismagic

33 Sonic the Hedgehog
34 A Calendar for Last Year

Doesn't do much help. - Wunked

35 A History Book
36 Superman 64
37 Philips CDI
38 Minions
39 Despicable Me 3
40 Sing

Some people like it. - Georgiacatcrimson

41 The Lion King

I guess I will misbehave all year then - Phillip873

Gee, I wonder who added this to the list. ( the turd King hater) oh, that’s who

I'm not a turd, to be honest. I'm just a good person with an unpopular opinion.

This movie is, and will always be, trash. Get over it.

Stop being mean to those who hate the movie.

Don't you think it's a little sad that the only reason you visit this website is to just rant about how much hatred you have for a family movie. Just a thought - Phillip873

Krampas isn’t real, lol. But actually santa will come for TLK fans to give them presents. But for RLK haters, they’ll get coal instead, or even a copy of TLK.

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42 Kingdom Hearts II

Besides the lackluster voice acting, do people even have a reason to dislike this game? - Mcgillacuddy

Ugh... Who put this here? This game is amzing.

I ment "amazing"...

43 Metallica and Lou Reed’s LuLu on CD

This album is a fate worse than death. I don’t know if this or the Garbage Pail Kids movie is worse.

44 Bubsy 3D
45 Son of the Mask
46 Where the Wild Things Are DVD
47 Divergent
48 Twilight
49 Gods of Egypt
50 Insurgent
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