Top 10 Gifts for Someone on the Naughty List

Gifts for people on the naughty list that are possibly worst than getting a lump of coal.

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1 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This is even worst than a lump of coal, maybe Santa should start handing out E.T cartridges instead of coal to naughty children. - egnomac

I hope every copy is still buried in that Mexican (or was it New Mexican? ) landfill or whatever. It'd be even worse if you got an E.T. copy completely covered in trash when it-s already trash itself. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If I get it I would cringe - TeamRocket747

A very good film

2 A Copy of Foodfight! DVD

Thank god Santa is not real.

I'd be good all year if that was the case!

I don't know if I could support this form of torture - Masochismismagic

No - TeamRocket747

3 Power Glove Power Glove
4 Atari Jaguar
5 A Copy of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie DVD

I'd rather take the lump of coal than this. - egnomac

If I get it, I'll mail it to my worst enemy for Christmas - TeamRocket747

6 Mouse Trap
7 Action 52

For someone who's been naughty give a really awful nes game filled with 52 really bad games and force them to play all night. - egnomac

8 An empty box
9 Blackstar - David Bowie

Well, if I was on the naughty list, this would be a godsend. - DCfnaf

And the stupid David Bowie hater troll strikes again... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 HyperScan

The Contenders

11 Fred: The Movie
12 The Emoji Movie

This movie is horrendous crap...

Yes I will be bad all year - Sausagelover99

The Geneva Conference prohibited this - Masochismismagic

I got it on DVD yayy! - Sausagelover99

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13 A Lump of Coal
14 Clorox Bleach
15 The Bible

Even if you're not a religious person this book can still be amazing...

Who would add this even though it's good for you? - BoyGenius234

The worst possible gift you could give to me (I already hate Christmas though cause it's a Christian holiday. I'm a satanist).

It's not a Christian holiday. It's actually a pagan holiday and the real name is Yule. - Ilovestephanie

16 An uppercut
17 A Hero Factory Set
18 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

I actually got this game as a birthday present from a relative. Ended up returning it since I don’t have a Wii U (they thought it would work on my Wii). Can’t help but think I dodged a bullet there. - Zach808

19 Crazy Bus

A copy of that annoying song from Arthur, or CrazyBus for Sega Genesis?

Eh, screw it. Both of them could apply. - Zach808

20 Norm of the North
21 Where the Dead Go to Die

I bet they'll never be naughty and confess to Jesus after watching this artificial hell - Mcgillacuddy

22 The Secret Life of Pets

This isn’t even a bad thing. - ThemeParkChasers

23 A picture of Justin Bieber

But what if they are a belieber?

24 Hotel Mario

"I hope she make a lot of SPAGHETTI" - Phillip873

25 The Godfather

Why's this on here?



26 LJN Video Art
27 Mein Kampf
28 Doggy Doo Doo (Board Game)

The real thing is even better

29 A Flag of North Korea
30 - Soulja Boy
31 Ron Weasley's Yule Ball Outfit

Once again this form of torture is far too inhumane lol - Masochismismagic

32 Sonic the Hedgehog
33 A Calendar for Last Year

Doesn't do much help. - Wunked

34 A History Book
35 Superman 64
36 Philips CDI
37 Minions
38 Despicable Me 3
39 Sing
40 The Lion King

I guess I will misbehave all year then - Phillip873

Gee, I wonder who added this to the list. ( the turd King hater) oh, that’s who

I'm not a turd, to be honest. I'm just a good person with an unpopular opinion.

This movie is, and will always be, trash. Get over it.

Stop being mean to those who hate the movie.

Don't you think it's a little sad that the only reason you visit this website is to just rant about how much hatred you have for a family movie. Just a thought - Phillip873

Krampas isn’t real, lol. But actually santa will come for TLK fans to give them presents. But for RLK haters, they’ll get coal instead, or even a copy of TLK.

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41 Kingdom Hearts II

Besides the lackluster voice acting, do people even have a reason to dislike this game? - Mcgillacuddy

Ugh... Who put this here? This game is amzing.

I ment "amazing"...

42 Metallica and Lou Reed’s LuLu on CD

This album is a fate worse than death. I don’t know if this or the Garbage Pail Kids movie is worse.

43 Bubsy 3D
44 Son of the Mask
45 Where the Wild Things Are DVD
46 Divergent
47 Twilight

I actually did get one of these for my mom. She LOVES this series. So much so that she bought the same book on day one. *barf* - Zach808

48 Gods of Egypt
49 Insurgent
50 Dragon Ball: Evolution
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