Top Ten Gifts to Give Britgirl for Her Birthday

In a couple Weeks from now My Amazing Sweet Kind Friend is Celebrating a Birthday! So I Decided to make a early Present for my Good Friend!

If I could get her Birthday Gifts this List is basically what I'd Give her for her Birthday! Also I'm From Canada & she's from Great Britain so I'm making this list from a Long Distance point of view!

Also This a What would I as her Friend Give her Nothing more then A Friends Perspective!

This also not meant to sound Sappy or Corny The Things I say is just how much she's affected me as a Friend!

Britgirl if you Find this then Hope you enjoy it & Happy Birthday.

The Top Ten

1 A Big Hug

She's one of the Kindest People I've ever met (only on TheTopTens) & since being lucky enough to Talk to her, meeting her she's made me Feel un-alone! She's Made me feel like Somebody Cares I exist!
She's become one of the Best Friends I've ever Had!
Tina Has done so much for me in such a Short time it's amazing all we've talked about & how Close we've become

I've opened up more over the last while since Meeting this Sweet Gold Hearted British Girl then I have in my entire life!
I wish I could fly to GB & Give her the Biggest Hug ever! - Curti2594

She Deserves a Big Hug or maybe a tour around all the places she likes. That Would be pretty neat. - Dreamformusic

Yep kind when is her Birthday anyway I will ❤ to say Happy birthday!

I would do it because I like her so much 😊 - Userguy44

2 My Respect

Respect is my Biggest Belief & so I Believe I Give my Respect to everyone in hope I earn it back!
For me Respect is Better then Love
Like I said I Give my respect to all but for me to Give someone my Full force Respect That has to be Earned & I can Proudly Say Tina/Britgirl You've Earned it - Curti2594

3 A Mashup of All Her Favourite Musicals & Films

It's hard to go into detail but I'd Love to give her a Gift like this since I know it's her Passion! - Curti2594

4 Tickles & Giggles

Haha Tina my Friend & to reward her for being a great Friend would be to Give her something that she'd like & it would make her Smile! I'd Find her Tickle Spots Haha!
This is defiantly something I'd Love to Wrap up in a Gift & have her Open it then she'd be Tickled about it! - Curti2594

5 Arrange the Beatles & Beach Boys & Madness & Coldplay & Adele & Bruno Mars to All Give Her a Special Birthday Concert

This would be a lot of Money but it be worth the price of making my Friend Happy! - Curti2594

There is only one problem; John Lennon and George Harrison are dead!

Good luck with the Beatles... A bunch of them got shot - ToptenPizza

6 Give Her the TheTopTens Best User Ever Award

Hippo birdy two ewe! Hippo birdy two ewe! Hippo birdy deer britgirl, hippo birdy two ewe!

I'd make this award & send it to her! Because she's certainly one of the Top 5 Toptenners Around! - Curti2594

Britgirl would win this several countless times in a row for certain. I have no doubt.
Nice list, Curti2594, and Happy Birthday to Britgirl for a few weeks ahead. - PositronWildhawk

7 Give Her a Tour of Canada

Agreed! By rail, on the Canadian. Especially Lake Louise... - PetSounds

Eh I'd Very much Enjoy showing her the Canadian way Showing her what Canadians are Aboot Hope she'd be up for some Hockey! - Curti2594

I'd want to be her Tour Guide! - Curti2594

8 Prevent Her Phone From Ever Dying & Repair Her Phone Back to 100%

If I could give you something this would be worth it Because Your Phone is a Legend!
I fear with her phone being much older it will eventually crap out ( because phone company's don't make phone to last no more)
You've done so much with your phone I don't want it to ever die on you so if I could I'm take your phone & Get it back to like it was when you got it!
Your Older Phone Goes with your interest in the older stuff it makes you Unique & One Of a Kind & You've still got Your Innocents & Dignity Going strong!
In todays world a lot of people get Sucked into the world of new Technology & are more less Jerks about it But Britgirl you've still got a Full Platinum Gold Heart! - Curti2594

How is this a good gift? She can charge it on her own. She is not a baby. - cosmo

9 A Day Off

She's a Hard Worker For her Real Life job & her Toptens job
I mean she's so Nice to me & it's so Fun to Talk to her & get to know this Angel that I want to Treat her to a Day of what ever her Big Heart Desires for a Day! - Curti2594

10 This List

This is the only Gift I Can give you for your Birthday because we live across the Pond from each other!
So Hopefully this List makes you Very happy & maybe even Smile for the Cake I just made for you with this List
Tina Blow out the Candles & Make Your Wish because This list is the only Birthday Gift I can give you! I Hope this List Tickled you a little & made you Feel Good!
I hope the Thought of this List is a Good Enough Gift for My Amazing British Friend & all you've Done for me!
Happy Birthday Tina & may all your Wishes & Dreams Come True! - Curti2594

Well, I know I'm a total stranger to all of you (especially to you Curtis) and I don't know Britgirl (except that she is a fellow top tenner) at all. But there is nothing wrong in greeting someone a happy birthday, and so as fellow top tenner I wish Britgirl a happy birthday for two weeks ahead. - Kiteretsunu

Curtis... I'm blown away by your kindness. This list is enough. I'm very flattered and touched (and indeed tickled pink) by such a generous gesture of friendship. Thank you so much!
To Posthing and PetSounds - thank you. You are both so lovely! =) - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Kitten

I hope she likes it. - Delgia2k

12 A Fart Machine

This would be great - hockeykid58

13 A Day at a Place She Likes

If I was Britgirl I will like a day at the spa or a day at the beach

She'd deserve to choose something she loves - Curti2594

14 A Day With Keyson

Yeah. This would be the perfect gift for her. - cosmo

15 A Unicorn

Who wouldn't want this?

16 A Date

Umm she is too old lol. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

17 An Outfit That She Likes
18 A Hot Tub
19 A Super Smash Bros Game
20 A Three Days Grace Album

That would be so awesome!

21 Farting App
22 Farting Unicorns
23 An Extra Follower
24 Puppy
25 Foodfight!

NO!, Britgirl doesn’t deserve this atrocious movie - Swampert02

26 A rare collectible blues record
27 Coco (2017)
28 London Snowglobe
29 Memes
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