Top Ten Gifts to Give Britgirl for Her Birthday

In a couple Weeks from now My Amazing Sweet Kind Friend is Celebrating a Birthday! So I Decided to make a early Present for my Good Friend!

If I could get her Birthday Gifts this List is basically what I'd Give her for her Birthday! Also I'm From Canada & she's from Great Britain so I'm making this list from a Long Distance point of view!

Also This a What would I as her Friend Give her Nothing more then A Friends Perspective!

This also not meant to sound Sappy or Corny The Things I say is just how much she's affected me as a Friend!

Britgirl if you Find this then Hope you enjoy it & Happy Birthday.

The Top Ten

1 A Big Hug

She's one of the Kindest People I've ever met (only on TheTopTens) & since being lucky enough to Talk to her, meeting her she's made me Feel un-alone! She's Made me feel like Somebody Cares I exist!
She's become one of the Best Friends I've ever Had!
Tina Has done so much for me in such a Short time it's amazing all we've talked about & how Close we've become

I've opened up more over the last while since Meeting this Sweet Gold Hearted British Girl then I have in my entire life!
I wish I could fly to GB & Give her the Biggest Hug ever! - Curti2594

She Deserves a Big Hug or maybe a tour around all the places she likes. That Would be pretty neat. - Dreamformusic

Yep kind when is her Birthday anyway I will ❤ to say Happy birthday!

I would do it because I like her so much 😊 - Userguy44

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2 My Respect

Respect is my Biggest Belief & so I Believe I Give my Respect to everyone in hope I earn it back!
For me Respect is Better then Love
Like I said I Give my respect to all but for me to Give someone my Full force Respect That has to be Earned & I can Proudly Say Tina/Britgirl You've Earned it - Curti2594

3 A Mashup of All Her Favourite Musicals & Films

It's hard to go into detail but I'd Love to give her a Gift like this since I know it's her Passion! - Curti2594

4 Tickles & Giggles

Haha Tina my Friend & to reward her for being a great Friend would be to Give her something that she'd like & it would make her Smile! I'd Find her Tickle Spots Haha!
This is defiantly something I'd Love to Wrap up in a Gift & have her Open it then she'd be Tickled about it! - Curti2594

5 Arrange the Beatles & Beach Boys & Madness & Coldplay & Adele & Bruno Mars to All Give Her a Special Birthday Concert

This would be a lot of Money but it be worth the price of making my Friend Happy! - Curti2594

There is only one problem; John Lennon and George Harrison are dead!

Good luck with the Beatles... A bunch of them got shot - ToptenPizza

6 Give Her the TheTopTens Best User Ever Award

Hippo birdy two ewe! Hippo birdy two ewe! Hippo birdy deer britgirl, hippo birdy two ewe!

I'd make this award & send it to her! Because she's certainly one of the Top 5 Toptenners Around! - Curti2594

Britgirl would win this several countless times in a row for certain. I have no doubt.
Nice list, Curti2594, and Happy Birthday to Britgirl for a few weeks ahead. - PositronWildhawk

7 Give Her a Tour of Canada

Agreed! By rail, on the Canadian. Especially Lake Louise... - PetSounds

Eh I'd Very much Enjoy showing her the Canadian way Showing her what Canadians are Aboot Hope she'd be up for some Hockey! - Curti2594

I'd want to be her Tour Guide! - Curti2594

8 Prevent Her Phone From Ever Dying & Repair Her Phone Back to 100%

If I could give you something this would be worth it Because Your Phone is a Legend!
I fear with her phone being much older it will eventually crap out ( because phone company's don't make phone to last no more)
You've done so much with your phone I don't want it to ever die on you so if I could I'm take your phone & Get it back to like it was when you got it!
Your Older Phone Goes with your interest in the older stuff it makes you Unique & One Of a Kind & You've still got Your Innocents & Dignity Going strong!
In todays world a lot of people get Sucked into the world of new Technology & are more less Jerks about it But Britgirl you've still got a Full Platinum Gold Heart! - Curti2594

How is this a good gift? She can charge it on her own. She is not a baby. - cosmo

9 A Day Off

She's a Hard Worker For her Real Life job & her Toptens job
I mean she's so Nice to me & it's so Fun to Talk to her & get to know this Angel that I want to Treat her to a Day of what ever her Big Heart Desires for a Day! - Curti2594

10 This List

This is the only Gift I Can give you for your Birthday because we live across the Pond from each other!
So Hopefully this List makes you Very happy & maybe even Smile for the Cake I just made for you with this List
Tina Blow out the Candles & Make Your Wish because This list is the only Birthday Gift I can give you! I Hope this List Tickled you a little & made you Feel Good!
I hope the Thought of this List is a Good Enough Gift for My Amazing British Friend & all you've Done for me!
Happy Birthday Tina & may all your Wishes & Dreams Come True! - Curti2594

Well, I know I'm a total stranger to all of you (especially to you Curtis) and I don't know Britgirl (except that she is a fellow top tenner) at all. But there is nothing wrong in greeting someone a happy birthday, and so as fellow top tenner I wish Britgirl a happy birthday for two weeks ahead. - Kiteretsunu

Curtis... I'm blown away by your kindness. This list is enough. I'm very flattered and touched (and indeed tickled pink) by such a generous gesture of friendship. Thank you so much!
To Posthing and PetSounds - thank you. You are both so lovely! =) - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Kitten

I hope she likes it. - Delgia2k

12 A Day at a Place She Likes

If I was Britgirl I will like a day at the spa or a day at the beach

She'd deserve to choose something she loves - Curti2594

13 A Day With Keyson

Yeah. This would be the perfect gift for her. - cosmo

14 A Fart Machine

This would be great - hockeykid58

15 A Unicorn

Who wouldn't want this?

16 An Outfit That She Likes
17 A Hot Tub
18 A Date
19 A Super Smash Bros Game
20 A Three Days Grace Album

That would be so awesome!

21 Farting App
22 Farting Unicorns
23 An Extra Follower
24 Puppy Puppy
25 Foodfight!

NO!, Britgirl doesn’t deserve this atrocious movie - Swampert02

26 A rare collectible blues record
27 Coco (2017)
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