Top 10 Giga/Hyper Coasters

in this list you will find giga and hyper coasters, enjoy!!

The Top Ten

1 Fury 325 (Carowinds)

Best Air Time Ever It was better than millennium Force

I ridden it and it was fun - lbelle0527



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2 Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

Does not loose its speed as other bms gigas

Rode every coaster on this list and this is the best!

The Best Period


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3 Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)


If you love intense rides, this will be your favorite coaster, it whips you through those turns and hills, it might even make you black out it's so intense! - zerodude

Tried this once. Died. - UltraGamer

4 Leviathan (Canada's Wonderland)

I live beside

Amazing ride! got to marathon it.

The most underrated rollercoaster in the world by far!

It was the first b&m hyper and looks awesome, even know its not the tallest or fastest giga in the world, its still known to be a great coaster! - zerodude

5 Shambhala (Portaventura)

Best overall expirience, brilliant ejector and floater airtime. I love the airtime hill after the turn around.
It's Fast, Tall, not to slow over the floater hills so depending on where you sit you'll get a different ride.

Back row = Ejector
Front = Floater

Many people say it's the best b&m hyper in the world, and I agree, its tall, fast, kind of long, it has a splash down, and a huge turn that looks awesome! and that is why its at number 5. - zerodude

6 Superman the Ride (Sfne)

The coaster that is always voted high on the golden ticket awards is number 6 on this list, it is known to be the best intamin hyper in the world and I don't disagree. - zerodude

7 Diamondback (Kings Island)

Diamondback is probably better than the banshee which replaced son of beast, it is better than intimidator in my opinion, I'm glad it's named after a famous snake, because this coaster is legendary and it's no doubt the best coaster in kings island, #MELLENIUMFORCEISOVERRATED DIAMONDBACK RULES!

Sick ride bro

This is my favorite ride I have been on

Diamondback is an awesome ride at ki and is well known as one of the best hypers. - zerodude

8 Skyrush (Hershey Park)


This ride is known to be a very fun ride, I have not been on it yet but I really want to, it looks intense and filled with airtime. - zerodude

9 Goliath (Sfog)

Goliath is a great ride at sfog, it is very underrated and is full of airtime and that helix is awesome, definitely deserves more credit. - zerodude

It's an amazing ride!. One of the best coasters in the world. It is very underrated!. I love sfog too!.!. Great park also!.!.


Love i

10 DC Rivals HyperCoaster (Warner Bros. Movie World)

A intense air time packed coaster

The Contenders

11 Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)

The best Hyper coaster!

This should be at the bottom of the list. this was a load of thigh crushing crap.

12 Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)

My personal favorite hyper. It has loads of airtime, its fast, goes over water, and is extremely smooth.

13 Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Simply a great experience. What it lacks in theme (who cares about that anyway) it more then makes up in fun, fear factor, and power.

14 Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland)

Been on Nitro, Diamondback, Leviathan, Millie, Skyrush, Magnum, Intimidator, Apollo's Chariot, and Fury, and the sustained airtime on Behemoth tops them all. A real surprise.

great ride

15 Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)

My home town landmark

16 Intimidator (Carowinds)


17 Titan (Six Flags Over Texas)
18 Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
19 Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)
20 Goliath (SFMM)

This is a good ride

21 Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

One iconic and fantastic ride which is pretty smooth. That first drop is brilliant!

22 Superman El Ultimo Escape (Six Flags Mexico)
23 Steel Force (Dorney Park)
24 Mamba (Worlds of Fun)
25 Wild Thing (Valleyfair)
26 Desperado (Buffalo Bill's Hotel & Casino)
27 Schwur des Karnan (Hansa Park)
28 The Big Apple Coaster (New York, New York Hotel)
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