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1 Sakata Gintoki

Best character in all of fiction

He is funny, cool, inspiring and strong.So works for me

2 Hijikata Toshiro

So this is what they mean by summoning Hijikata-san in Fate/Grand Order with mayo as his catalyst... - ModernSpongeBobSucks


3 Okita Sougo

He's so innocent and cute but yet so lethal in battle. He respects Kondo and his sister so much yet always tries to beat Hijikata and Kagura.
It's nice to see a boy who fights back if a girl hits him

He is funny. A very cute face. A very sadistic one too. He can be serious sometimes.

I love him

4 Katsura Kotaro

I love dumb but strong people

Ultimate Hero and Rival

Zura ja nai. Katsura the.

Zurump ja nai. Katsura Da!

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5 Kagura Kagura

She is really funny cute and strong

The funniest character in my opinion, plus she is cute

So funny, and mocks girly stereotypes.


6 Kamui

I love Kamui, he's so underrated!

7 Shimura Shinpachi

One of the most underrated characters both in universe and outside. I don't know why I end up rooting for people like him. He's basically a krillin. Weak, but does everything that he possibly can to help.

8 Kondo Isao

Gorilla is third to Gintoki and Hijikata for me!

This Gorilla is number one
Hopefully him and gen have a rematch

9 Takasugi Shinsuke

I love him so much

10 Tsukuyo

Tsukii Rules

The Contenders

11 Sadaharu
12 Hasegawa Taizou

Lovable character that you always feel bad for.

13 Yagyu Kyubei

Tied favourite for me, but my other favorites are doing so well I gave her the vote. One of the more badass characters in my opinion and always brings about hilarious scenes. Interactions with Tojo are 10/10.


14 Sarutobi Ayame

She's hilarious, and has a lot of potential in terms of character, but instead she's almost always portrayed doing her antics. Wish Sorachi would show her cooler side as well.

15 Sakamoto Tatsuma
16 Imai Nobume
17 Elizabeth
18 Tokugawa Shigeshige

One of the best characters; he was amazing in episode 238

19 Hattori Zenzo
20 Shimura Tae
21 Matsudaira Katakuriko
22 Tama
23 Sagaru Yamazaki
24 Yoshida Shouyou

The coolest guy in Gintama...a great teacher and a monster in strength and he always keeps that smiling face

25 Sakata Kintoki
26 Prince Hata
27 Hiraga Gengai
28 Justaway

Justaway is my waifu

29 Taka-Tin
30 Kawakami Bansai
31 Mutsu
32 Abuto
33 Sasaki Isaburo
34 Saitou "Z" Shimaru
35 Otose
36 Hideaki Sorachi
37 Pandemonium
38 Gedoumaru
39 Kouka
40 Musashi
41 Jugem
42 Doromizu Jirochou
43 Okita Mitsuba
44 Ikeda Asaemon
45 Kankou
46 Itou Kamotarou
47 Hedoro
48 Tsu Terakado
49 Catherine
50 Matako Kijima
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1. Sakata Gintoki
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1. Sakata Gintoki
2. Kagura
3. Hijikata Toshiro
1. Sakata Gintoki
2. Okita Sougo
3. Hijikata Toshiro

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